Fun Quotes & Pics (21)

Just for Fun 😉

Keep it classy, never trashy, just a little bit nasty!

I’m great. In bed… I can sleep for days.

I’m the type who leave a mark… on your neck.

Cute. But devilish inside.

I’m not the type of person you should put on speaker phone.

I’m just a good girl, with bad habits.

Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.


Good at being bad.

We all go a little mad sometimes.

We all have secrets.


*I am a Lady* a Perverted one, but still a Lady.

I like you, because you join in on my weirdness.

Your lips are like wine… and I want to get drunk.

Call me old fashioned, but I actually take love, sex and feelings seriously.

Good girls do bad things sometimes.

1509214_465591933545775_2071954166_n 1011874_472649509506684_297564540_n

Prostitute – that’s a profession. A bitch – that’s for the lifetime.

My brother was so mean when I was a child. He used to glue the pages of his porn magazines together so I couldn’t look at them.

Monica is at the dentist. Half of her mouth is locked due to anesthesia, the dentist is intensively working. Monica’s mobile phone starts ringing. Ignoring it four times, the dentist finally answers the phone pissed:
– What’s up?
– What’s up?, – some man asks.
– Who are you?
– I’m Monica’s husband
– Listen, man, I’m about to finish, she will spit it out and will call you back!!!

WTF? = Where’s The Food?

The bible teaches us to love, and Kamasutra shows how to do that…

In the morning Tom calls to his boss:
– Good morning, boss, unfortunately I’m not coming to work today. I’m really sick. I got a headache, stomach ache, and my both hands and legs hurt, so I’m not coming into work.”
The boss replies:
– You know Tom, I really need you today. When I feel like this I go to my wife, and tell her to give me sex. That makes me feel better, and I can go to work. You should try that.
2 hours later Bob calls:
– Boss, I followed your advise, and I feel great! I’ll be at work soon. By the way, you got nice house.

Sex without condoms is magical… A baby appears and father disappears. (So sad how true this is…)

– Daddy, what is in between mummy’s legs?
– A paradise.
– And what’s between your’s?
– The key.
– So you should change the lock, because our neighbor has a passkey.

During a blind date, as a man and a woman were filling each other in on their pasts, the man said, “A genie once gave me the option of having a longer penis or better memory”.
“And which did you choose?” the woman asked.
A man replied “I don’t remember”.

Girls don’t dress for boys, they dress for themselves. If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked all the time.

I don’t have a dirty mind, just a sexy imagination.


Do you ever just look at somebody and wonder how they moan during sex? (Yes… Yes I do… lol)

Today has been cancelled. Go back to bed.

I may not be everyone’s cup of tee, but I am someone’s double whiskey.

1382084_427343984037237_942699479_n 1375248_427307837374185_445621056_n

An empty browser history. Is a dirty browser history.

When I said I’d hit that. I meant with a car.

If I show you a picture on my phone. Don’t swipe left. Don’t swipe right. Just look.

I was not checking him out. I was admiring how the good lord has blessed him.

Let’s break the law so hard, it can’t be fixed.

What’s your dirty little secret?

When your teacher says something and you and your friend think of it in a dirty way.

Great minds think alike, but dirty minds work together.

1010903_388769607894675_494402171_n 429140_322802541158049_1382419607_n 402188_322805444491092_1359500513_n 292656_382173998554236_1306603501_n

My room isn’t dirty, I just have everything on display, like a museum.

Life is so much funnier when you have a dirty mind.

425066_268283539943283_541606069_n 10325354_514259275345707_3060913607948067645_n 10313849_513122948792673_5579012134581583352_n 10268446_516867871751514_8480030617871563370_n 10253758_517225378382430_5375552493261316993_n 10246631_515022331936068_3165043440657137952_n 10176170_514257625345872_2661997824870982161_n 1013822_517874388317529_2013761988169648571_n 10371944_518350218269946_3503314047599719007_n 1948258_519211628183805_3372698808188634136_n

– CdP




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