True Blood Hotness (23)

joe manganiello3 joe manganiello2 joe manganiello

– Joe Manganiello (Hotdamn! #1)

alexander skarsgard2 alexander skarsgard

– Alexander Skarsgard (Hotdamn! #2)

ryan kwanten2 ryan kwanten

– Ryan Kwanten (Hotdamn! #3)

Stephen Moyer2 stephen moyer shirtless men's health

– Stephen Moyer (Hotdamn! #4)

Allan Hyde2 Allan Hyde

– ‎Allan Hyde (Hotdamn! #5)

sam trammell sam trammell2

– Sam Trammell (Hotdamn! #6)

will yun lee

– Will Yun Lee (Hotdamn! #7)

Nathan Parsons2 nathan parsons

– Nathan Parsons (#8)

kevin alejandro2 kevin alejandro

– Kevin Alejandro (#9)

riley smith

– Riley Smith (#10)

marshall allman marshall allman2

– Marshall Allman (Cute baby face #11)

noah matthews noah matthews2

– Noah Matthews (Cute baby face #12)

Hehe 😀

– CdP




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