Making a Dream Realistic.

I want to work in Japan. I want to live there. I wish I knew what to do though. I’m not good at anything, I wouldn’t even know what job to look for.

I’m into IT, but I realized that a little bit too late, so going away to a University wouldn’t work right now. Although if I could, I would have rather do that in Japan too. There’s a lot more to learn there anyway. And what wouldn’t be greater than being around the language I love and getting more exposure to it hehe… Seriously, If I won the lotto like now… I would go study in Japan.

At the moment I would probably love to live in any other place that is not part of the African continent.

But Japan I wouldn’t have a second thought if I got the opportunity to go.

I am self learning C#… I’m working from a book now, and everything still seem a bit gibberish to me, but I think I am a tad bit hasty when it comes to understanding programming. But I’m sure I will get there eventually, all I have to do is be positive and keep on going at it till I have a break through. Yeah?

It is hard to self learn and have the motivation to keep going, and not get frustrated quickly, but the hardest is not having the time to give my full attention to it, so it will take longer than anticipated… but I’m gonna stick to it and hopefully by the end of this year I am able to do something with it. I wish I could have a year just to study and give my full attention to this. (Like I said… I wish… but life won’t allow it.)

Once I understand C# and feel confident enough that I do, I would really want to go do an exam and get something back for the hard work I’d be putting into it, and also the fact to have it on my name and maybe create a better future.

The whole reason I want to do this is because I am interested in learning programming, as well as making sure I have a future at all.

Not just for me, but I want to be able to do my part.

Man how I wish I could turn back time right now, so I could have taken IT in school to begin with, then I might have been done with University right now. That would have been nice.

Anyway… I’m gonna do the best that I can.  Once I have achieved my goal, I can move on to the next. 🙂

– CdP


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