Frustrating Time, but Positive.


So this morning I was scrolling through facebook and saw the Chinese Astrology, haha I’m not someone who believe too much in these kinds of things, but oh well it made my Day to read what the Rooster had to say. 😀

In any case… So I’ve been very confusing lately with all the learning programming as well as Japanese at the same time, and realized I have less time for the Japanese, but I am doing something about that. I looked a bit up on the Kanji, I wanted to take a step further, just to make it more interesting. So I download Anki for Android, as well as added Heisig’s Remember the Kanji (RTK) 1+3 which is kind of nice, I also downloaded the books, but the App makes it just a bit easier at the moment. It’s a few cards a day, it repeats the Kanji you find difficult to memorize as well as repeat older ones after a few days along with new ones. What irritates me is, it seem there are suppose to be audio along with it, but there’s none. Or I am just understanding the app wrong. Whatever, but it helps and I’m sure it will help in the long run. As long as I don’t give up.

Also the programming is hard, I only have time at night to do something. But I am also thinking now to try more than one language. I know I said I wanted to jump into C# directly, but I also want to know as much coding languages as possible. I’m going to spend a bit of time on Code.Org as well as KhanAcademy, just because they start off easier and it might just open my mind up a little bit more. I have also been playing some “Programming Problem Solving Games” to help me think in that way, which really helped a lot so far. Lol last night I even dreamt of programming. In any case, ’tis all good and I feel very positive for the rest of the year. There is also a few beginner short courses I would like to do through UNISA. As well as later on when I have a more “advance” understanding of C# as well as other programming languages, I would like to do Microsoft Certified Exams. Turns out there are a few hehe…

The more I can learn, the better. The more I can understand, the better and the more I can do, the better. I don’t want to stay stuck on one language or on the same thing, while in the meantime another language might help me out of a tight spot. I just want to learn as much as possible.

Hahaha but it is kinda tricky. I am fascinated with all these “hard” kind of Languages which I want to learn/know.

I am trying to learn two kinds of Language based things at the same time, with very little time on hand to begin with.

1.) Japanese

2.) Programming

I didn’t have the advantage to learn coding/programming in school or after school. I also want the Raspberry PI and I want to do a lot with it! I also want to get into Robotic kind of programming, I want also want to be able to program computer chips etc etc etc…. I also regularly get ideas for apps and games and such, I should start writing it down eventually hehe.

But you see my point? My brain is overflowing because I want to learn and know all of the above, all of which I have little time for. It is very very frustrating. I wish I could take a 6 months break just to start or I wish I could just instantly understand all of it haha.

There is also a huge opportunity that I might consider for next year, but I will talk about that later on.

I wish I had someone to help me with all of this, someone who can tutor me personally. Eesh…


But in the meantime, this week I need to go for a checkup at the Optometrist. As well as get another 6 months contact lenses. I don’t want to know what the invoice is gonna be afterwards (my poor little bit of savings). I also want to go shoot two competitions this weekends, even though I might fall out of the bus as my Bow is not completely in at the moment, but oh well. I just want to shoot for heaven’s sake. All this shit that is setting me back is pissing me off. BUT if I have to wear my glasses, then hell no I am not going anywhere.

Well If I am lucky I’ll make both days, if not only one of them at least. Ugh I hate not having money to do stuff. Petrol petrol petrol and food and sleep.

Anyway… Missing my future hubby. Third week in. Luckily next weekend he’ll be back. Yipee. But talking to him every morning and every night, so it kind of softens the blow hehe. As well as having two cats who gives me a lot of attention hahaha.


– CdP


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