What is Love? (1)

Love is having someone in your life that supports you through everything going on in your life, as well as you being able to support him/her too.

Love is not just a word or a feeling, and reciting “I Love You” is not Love until you Prove it. Love is an Action, Love is something you Provide to another, something you Show to another, something that at times put you through a lot of effort, but you don’t mind it. Love is a Hero, so it should be at least.

If you Love someone, you choose to support them through thick and thin. You should be able to hold out your hand for them when they need you, you need to be able to pull them up when they are down, not knock them off their feet when they try to stand up. Love should be Encouraged from both sides. Love should be able to Support, Believe and have Respect for/in each others Wishes and stay that way, not acting it out and throwing it in the face of the other to prove a point or win a fight. That is Spite, not Love and they don’t get along.

Love is more than just a relationship, it is a friendship. You should know that your lover, is your best friend. The only person that understands you completely, fully, physically, mentally and emotionally. Love takes two and make one. Love is all of that, and not just a friend in bed. Love is knowing your soulmate.

Love means that you have that one person that will hold you tight when you’re upset for however long it takes. The one that will listen even if you’re silent. The one who will understand you, where you come from, what you feel and why… All the reasoning behind what makes you, you… without judging you, but would Love you as you are and respect you.

The one that will lift you up, not break you down. The one that will fight for you, die for you, cry with you, accept you, hold you, love you unconditionally, that will stand up for you, laugh with you.

Love is not perfect, there are times that Love will test your Strength. You will have to decide if you are willing to push through and fight for the only thing that makes your heart whole, not thing actually, but person.

Even when your trust comes into question. Sometimes you have to put yourself in another person’s shoes to understand their situation, sometimes you need to be merciful and understanding, because they need you the most when they’re at their weakest. They don’t need you to judge them, when they are already judging themselves to the point of no return and suicidal thoughts, No. You need to Love them and Support them, because Love should be a Hero, not a death sentence.

If you don’t understand this, you don’t understand the way Love works. You don’t understand Love at all.

Love should be Positive, not Negative.
Love is being proud to have and be with your significant other.


– CdP



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