The 100 – Best & Worst (Girl Crush Alert) (16)

The 100 is currently one of my favourite series, and definitely has some awesome characters.

BUT I so have to share my overwhelming excitement as well as heart breaking disappoint, which happened all in one single episode and I can so not get over it!

So for those who have not yet watched or heard of ‘The 100’, what the hell are you up to? Secondly, if you’re into Sci-Fi / Post-Apocalyptic Drama / Horror kind of stuff, as well as not minding same-sex action, then this is a must MUST WATCH series!

I’m like hooked on this, and Season 3 is already coming to an end!!! *Cries* Oh and I Love Trigedasleng, hehe it sounds so ‘Tribal’ if that even makes sense, but anyway.

>>>Click ME<<< Check out Wikipedia for more info on ‘The 100′ – ’cause I wanna talk about Season 3 Episode 7…


First of all, these are my two favourite characters:

Lexa & Clarke (Heda (Commander) & Wanheda (Commander of Death))

Great Goddess they are beautiful people.

The-100-season-3-episode-6-Clarke-Lexa maxresdefault

(PS: Beside the two of them, I also like Lincoln and Octavia, and Raven, but now Lincoln is dead too – WTF?!)

Anyway… back to the point… S03E07

So THIS Happened! The most exciting heart throbbing scene of the whole series, the moment everyone was waiting for…

Untitled1 Untitled2 Untitled3 Untitled4 Untitled5 Untitled6 Untitled7 Untitled8 Untitled9

… and I thought ‘Hell Yeah!!!’ Since I thought the two of them are meant for each other since the first time Lexa kissed Clarke in an earlier episode which started a spark in my soul. Even just before that, the look Lexa had on her face when Clarke was up close face to face – I mean priceless! and puppy dog cute.

Anyway, so I was all for this scene, like ‘Yeah!!’ Heda & Wanheda together, finally! … Then my dreams shattered, because… a few minutes later, this happened. 😦

Untitled10 Untitled11 Untitled12 Untitled13 Untitled14

Titus wanted to shoot Clarke, because Clarke made Lexa respond to her heart – aka Clarke was in the way of Lexa needing to make decisions based on WAR, etc etc… yada yada… He swung the gun around, stuff scattered and then he took a shot at Clarke, missed and at the same time and same spot Lexa came through the door and the bullet hit her… Titus, Lexa’s mentor, killed her – the Heda (Commander). I mean COME ON! Really now? Really? You took away one of my favourite characters! Well at least Titus is dead now too, because he is a coward.

Awww I was so upset. Lexa didn’t deserve it. I hope Lexa and Clarke meet again, maybe with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) thing that was inside of her and all the previous commanders? I don’t know. Poor Clarke. *Cries again*

Well hell, that was a total shocker in any case… and then guess what! A few episodes after, Lincoln gets shot by a whackjob. Damnit…

So sad… 😦 I loved this episode.

– CdP




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