Goals (1)


“Set yourself a goal, motivate yourself to achieve it and then exceed it.”

So about two months ago basically, I reached a goal which I am very proud of – to say so myself. Especially for someone my size.

Let me explain. I am short – 1.48m (4.85ft) to be exact and I currently weigh 48 kg’s (108lbs – wow that suddenly sounds a lot)… In any case,

my goal that I reached is not a matter of showing off, it is a matter of “Because I CAN” and what is wrong with that?

So since I started Archery, (Outdoor Archery), with a Compound Bow, I literally started around 30lbs and I was like “WTF is this” at the time, because I literally thought it was a lot. My shoulder got tired very quickly and I also had like “Tennis Elbow” in both arms, it was freaking ouch… but hey, I easily got through it and as time went by I gradually increased my draw weight. My goal was reaching 60lbs (27.2 kg’s).

So yes, I am finally drawing 60 pounds on my short little draw haha (which is about 23″ draw length)… I would love to exceed this goal, because I know I can. But, Women aren’t allowed to shoot more than 60lbs so oh well. Though I am happy. But trust me, don’t think you can stop shooting for a while and pick up your bow and it will still feel light as a feather. Hell no, you will fall on your mouth. You need to stay in shape, you need to stay Bow-Fit! By doing that you gotta practice, practice, practice and keep up the endurance. Especially if you want to keep shooting great scores.

Also if possible always try to practice further than your class max range, because shooting a grouping on 15 yards, does not mean you will shoot the same on 50 yards. Also far shots = more fun & a greater challenge! (I am all about a challenge!!) If you can feel at ease by practicing far shots, you will ace your nearer shots.

I used to always practice far shots, I loved it. But I don’t have that kind of space in my yard, my max at the moment is 20 meters and it is pissing me the hell off, because I want at least 40 meters to practice. The bigger problem is, there is not a field near enough to my house to go and practice at, not one that is not covered by grass as tall as I am.

But anyway, at least either way, if I am shooting on 10 meters or 20 meters, it is an advantage practicing my endurance and keeping my bow steady, as well as working on my form. But yeah, 40 meters would have been nice to do on weekends at least.

So anyway, furthermore, I don’t really have a lot of practice time. At the moment, at best, I am trying to shoot a few arrows every Tuesday and Thursday, and weekends if possible.

While I workout every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Weekends are not part of my workout program. But working out is one of the best things I could have done for myself, and for the fact that I enjoy Outdoor Archery. Why? Well because depends on what you do, but working out is a great way to build natural strength and getting fit, it does nothing but make you feel good as a person, about yourself as well as being able to do so much more, be more energized and have so much more endurance, and all of that is an advantage to basically anything or almost everything in life, because caring about your health and physical conditions will only benefit yourself, and why not? Survival of the fittest and the smartest.

I enjoy body weight workouts, calisthenics, and prefer them above any other method of working out. So at first when I just started the body weight workout thing, my program was a bit “reckless”, it was from Monday to Friday, all the same practically every day. With only rests on weekends. There were no structure at all really, I was just going about like I wanted to, just getting used to the whole idea of it, to see what kinds of workouts I like and what I am limited to in my own house, as I can’t really build any bars outside. So I went on with that program, getting into the routine and whatnot. It was okay up to a point though. I did see results, but not as I hoped to see in the time that went by, it was like it happened and then all of a sudden it felt so slow. Slow developments, so I did a bit more research to figure out what I can do to make it better, etc etc… Then I made a new program, and since then I have been happy with the results, I can see it regularly and am always surprised to see new results. Every day after a workout I can FEEL it. Feel my aching little muscles… Which I love, because I know that it worked then. I have also been taking note of my workouts, so I can track my “performance” and see if I can do a better job the next time. I am always trying to push myself, to reach my limit and fight to exceed it.

My program is based on a 4 week routine.

Monday which targets the upper body + cardio.

Tuesday = rest day, sometimes I would do cardio, but it is not mandatory. Also Tuesdays I shoot a few arrows (if I can move my arms that is).

Wednesday is “mid” body, such as abdominal workouts + cardio.

Thursday = same as Tuesday. At least I can shoot better on Thursdays as my shoulders, arms and such had time to rest.

Friday is lower body + cardio.

This is the same for the entire 4 week program, but the workouts itself are not the same every week. I shuffle it up a bit, but not too much.

Okay so that is that…

When I started the 4 week routine, I started “easy” and worked my way up.

I will start posting my daily workouts very soon. I wanted to post tonight’s workout, as today is Week 1 again, but hey Game of Thrones happened. Will post tomorrow if I have time after studying, which happens after shooting a few arrows, which will hopefully happen as tonight was the start of a new challenge to my program. So not so sure I will be able to even pick up my arms tomorrow. 😀 LOL

I also want to share more of my goals that I want to work out… But Anyway… ‘Tis about all for now. Will follow up on that soon.

– CdP


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