Be Free (1)


Do you think someone can forget to have fun and live their life, because of someone else sucking their life dry, trashing their soul and abusing them mentally in a way that they have locked their life inside a cage (mentally speaking) because they are too afraid to live now? Like they have forgotten what it is to live, forgotten what to do to have fun, forgotten themselves and how they once were, not scared to be alone, not scared to stand up and fight, not scared to walk and let go… Have they forgotten how to make that kind of decision for themselves to live?

It’s like watching a bird sit in a cage, although the gate is and has always been open for it to fly and be free.

It is painful to watch, there are so many chances, there is always a way and the gate is always open… yet why? Why would someone torture themselves to keep living a life of pain and soon regret? When they themself know they can escape? Have they just been caged in long enough that they won’t dare to leave? Why is it that when you are the only person to change your life for better or worse, you don’t? How is it possible to have taken someone so strong at will and strong at heart, hostage of their own life?

Everyone has a weak point for someone else to grab when you are on your knees. They are not your saviour, they are there to hold you close to them so they can use you. Yet, there is always an outcome, always a way, a light, a path, a something. But the only one who can ever take that step to make a better life for themselves, is the one sitting in the cage staring at an open gate, wondering what the rest of the world is like, just take the leap and fly the hell out of there… because time goes forward, and before you open your eyes thinking the next day will be your chance, will be the day when it is just too late and everything around you has fallen apart. Today is the the day to take a chance, tomorrow is an excuse.

Will you not free yourself?

Why the suffering?

How can you give up your own life so easily? It’s like feeding the devil your soul until the very end.

Do you not seek freedom and peace? Or will you continue living a sorrow life, a life of hell, mental and verbal abusement, carelessness…

Will you keep your life hanging by a noose, balancing on a chair – just waiting for it to fall or get kicked?

Will you not do something? You cannot expect life to turn around all of a sudden and be great, if you do not want to take the first step.

I don’t get it.

I promise myself that I will never let something like this ever happen to me. I will not be disrespected, I will not be broken down and be abused emotionally, mentally and verbally. I will be independant and I will always stand up for myself and for those who need a hand to get up from their knees back on their feet and fight. I will try to inspire and live a life of positivity and bring that out in others, I will not be a burden by making my life a problem to anyone else, I will not be someone who will break down another person, I will instead cheer for them and whatever it is they want to achieve. I will not torture myself and I will not put my life in jeopardy and risk because I am being caged in, I will never let anyone disrespect my wishes and come close to even thinking they can sit on my head and tell me how to live my life. I will speak up and I always will. I am strong willed, and stubborn even if I have a soft heart. But I have seen enough in my life, and came too close to my fears, I will not let any of that define me as a person. It will be the reason why I am a better person.

It is torturing enough to see other people you care about, live a caged in life, but not by will. I will not make the mistake of doing that to myself ever.

I hope for anyone else who is in the situation of being able to free themselves, but have not yet done so. I hope the day will come for you to be strong enough to spread your wings and fly, and never look back, but rather keep moving forward. You have only been given one life, you are the only one with the right to live it – no one else can keep you on your knees, unless you let them. Have faith in yourself.

– CdP


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