Writing and Dreaming

Recently been thinking a lot about my “alter ego” (lol) novel. I miss writing. To put emotion and actions into words and see everything play out in front of me.

The last time I worked on my novel thingy, I came so far. But there is always something more important to do. Like studying, because I want to achieve something good in my life for a change. Literally for a change.

Besides I need to be alone when I write. I think better and clearer that way.

But it feels like my mind is full and I need a release. What better way than to write? And dream, been having a lot of dreams lately too (not that I mind), but my brain is always half-wake, I don’t get enough sleep. My mind is just too active… It’s somewhat dragging me down, keeping my head high gets heavy and acting fine gets frustrating. Though just gotta keep up the hard work, the goals and positivity.

I’m useless once my emotions gets triggered, ’tis like I don’t feel like doing shit or talking to anyone. Just want to go sleep or whatever that requires little to no effort at all doing. But I hate doing that. I need to stay focused and clear and not let myself down.

Gotta remember things take time to acquire or achieve. Letting myself down will only make room for delay and complaining and I don’t need that. Complaining won’t get anyone anywhere.

There are a lot of things to look forward to, I just have to keep heading that way and not get lost in the mist of thought or follow the root to all things sad and evil. Haha or whatever.

But still have the urge to write on my novel thing, have a lot of things to edit. As usual.

Anyway let’s start the new week on a positive note. Now for the weekend, I gotta check my hunting setup (arrows and that, make sure all is spot and good to go). Also gotta do a Python Assignment, I’m far from an actual programmer / or developer, but I’m learning and understanding, that’s good. Just wish it could go faster, but I’m just hasty. That’s my biggest problem, I want to know and understand everything instantly, but I’m not a super genius so… Just gotta keep up the pace with the time I have.

– CdP


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