Life Updates

Will update my workout weeks soon, haven’t had time since week 3, still have to update day 3 of that week. I had to skip my week 4, so I will be doing my week 4 this week instead. I’m also planning on doing my cardio in the mornings now to spare time at night.

Last Monday, I came home from work not feeling very well, but I was fine the whole day. Came home and had a few trips to the bathroom, by the 4th time I thought I was throwing up my lungs and from there on it was tickets. Went on like that throughout the night. Felt like shit the following two days after as well. Didn’t have the stomach or energy to workout at all. Didn’t have the stomach to even eat properly. Just felt blag.

Thursday, we all, as in the “household family” went on a trip, which my Mom booked a few months earlier (today is her 50th birthday) so we went away to celebrate. She is also sick though. Anyway there were absolutely no signal, so the only use of my phone was the camera.

Also my boyfriend and I are 8 Years together, 17th June was our “anniversary” hehe. So cheers to that, time flies like a bat out of hell.

My Father’s birthday would have been on Wednesday the 22nd of June, he would have been 60 this year. On the 26th of July, it will already be 10 years since his death and occasionally he still pops up in my dreams.

Anyway I dreamt something weird lastnight, wanna post about it soon.

– CdP


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