Really Crazy Dream

Last night I had a few weird dreams, but this one in particular I remember the clearest.

So it was about Humanoids. But there were two different types / versions.

Version 1: An Android that looks like a human, speaks like a human, but is only there for information purposes. It has no Human feelings or heart. It simply records your life, and is connected to the rest of the world. Whenever you want information from it, you share a kiss with it and you have all the information it is you wanted in your head. Don’t ask me how, I don’t know. It’s weird. Also it is not that these Androids were completely awkward, they could learn to communicate and have expressions and such, like Artificial Intelligence, they just didn’t feel anything physically or emotionally. These Androids were public figures.

Version 2: A Humanoid. Half Human, Half Android. These Humanoids where genetically engineered and created in a Lab. They have a Human heart and all the Human feelings like we do, and blood runs through their veins. But, they can do exactly what the Androids can do. They can store and record everything they see or do, with or without you and they are connected to the rest of the world just like the Android. Able to give you any information you want with a kiss, and able to store any information. ‘Tis like the walking World Wide Web… they were not simply used as a tool, they were Humans, with the same ability as the Android and where instead engineered, and not birthed from a Human. These Humanoids though, where like Secret. Only Limited people knew of the Lab and knew of what happened there. Artificial blood wasn’t made for the Humanoids, blood were donated for them by those who knew of them. The hearts were grown for them in the Lab, as well as their Bodies and Brain. I don’t know how they do this shit, but anyway… The Brains are also half Human and Half Android. It does everything and experience everything like that of a Human, but is programmed artificially to be able to do what the Androids do. It’s so weird to explain, but anyway…

Andoids could not age, but Humanoids could. Although they had a much longer lifespan than any average human being. Their aging was a lot slower. Humanoids was not just experiments to create a new age of Human, but to be able to engineer Any Human as is to a Humanoid, and to later Birth a Humanoid from Human engineered to Humanoid. Although Humanoid can experience feelings emotionally and physically, and adapt like any other human, they are still Artificial Intelligence mixed with Human. They were still limited to certain things only Humans can do. They can touch and feel and have emotions, do what humans do, but they are not able to have offspring yet. The few of the living Humanoids, still needed to be analyzed etc etc…

Okay now that we all understand the concept of the Humanoids in my Dreams… let’s go on with it…

I had an Android and I also had a Humanoid. We spend most of our time at the Labs or “Hospital” as the public knew, but secretly was actually a Lab… I donated blood for the development team. As I was part of this and the experiments, both analytically and physically if that makes sense. I had an assigned Humanoid and as she learned to be Human and as her Personality started to shape, she became more than just an assigned Humanoid to me, more than just something to analyze. She became a Friend. We were deeply connected on a whole different level than I thought possible at the time. As we grew connected I soon realized that I was quickly falling in love with her… (ps I don’t know her name, but of course she had one), by the time I realized this, all hell broke loose and my dream started to change into a nightmare instead of a love story lol…

We were going about “sight-seeing” as we had nothing much to do at the time. We came to a stop at our favourite hang out place, it was an old broken down wall we used to sit on. She was already at the top looking down on me, it was then that I realized that I was already in love with her and wondering if it was taboo or not. Wondering if I am able to kiss her without having to share information about god knows what. She did not know this, she didn’t know what I felt for her yet… But by the way I stared at her she soon realized I was not my usual self, I could see that in her frowning expression. As I climbed up the wall to her, I wanted to kiss her. But I didn’t, she scooted up and there we sat. It wasn’t even minutes when my Android came along, acting strange. She sat on the bench below gawking at us. I don’t really know what happened next, but suddenly my Humanoid acted strange. I asked her something, wanting urgent information and she flatly ignored me, jumped off the wall and went to the Android. All of a sudden I felt emotionally hurt, like I didn’t know what was going on. My heart feeling tight. She was honestly acting strange. My Android offered to give me the information I seek, but I declined.

Oh yes and since Humanoids are programmed to be connected to the world, Androids could connect to them as well. Like I said, the walking World Wide Web. Suddenly the two of them were out of sight, I sat on the wall staring at my feet and just then I heard screams from the “Hospital”, I ran to see what was happening. It was like hell in there… People were running around, going crazy and freaking out, fire broke out on random places, everything were flying around, people tried to escape… I didn’t understand why, until everything that is an Android went on a killing spree. The Androids were infected with a Virus, god knows where the sudden virus came from, anyway whenever they come in close range with another Android, the virus spread. It spread like a wild fire, every Android from down the Lab caught the Virus and went on a rampage, through the “Hospital”. Humans scattered everywhere, running and screaming and trying to escape. I was walking down the halls, mind blown away. It looked like a mental hospital gone mad, like a scene out of a horror movie. Typically the type of movie were all Artificial Intelligence wants to destroy human life kind of scene… Haha… Some of the Humanoids whose humanity had not fully developed were easily infected with the virus as they did not yet know or learn how to fight against the Virus by holding onto their humanity.

It wasn’t long that I had to snap out of it and run for my own life, the last thing I remembered was not looking back, just running with every force within me. Wondering where my Humanoid was, was she infected up to a point where she lost control of her humanity, or was she still fighting for her humanity somehow, somewhere… Was she killed by my Android?

I don’t know what happened after that… It ended there…

This is the most bizarre and sad freaking dream I had in a long long time that I can so vividly remember. I cannot exactly remember all the details of the Hospital and Lab and all the surroundings. I remember that my Android and Humanoid almost looked a like. They were both made for me, so they were both short and had the same body structure. My Android had light brown hair, not too long, just below the shoulder. Where as my Humanoid had long black hair, and was paler than my Android. The voices were slightly different. The faces had resemblance, but you could still tell them apart. The Android had green eyes, and Humanoid blue. Small things, but as a whole made a big difference. Also of course the Android had artificial skin, and was cooler to the touch. The Humanoid had a Human body so she was warmer to the touch.

One wack dream, as I was dreaming I felt like I was watching a movie but felt all the feelings haha… From falling in love, to fearing for my life and missing my Humanoid.

Jeesh when you wake up from something like that, you feel weird… 😀

– CdP


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