Pregnant Much?

This post might be awfully blunt, but how the hell do kids/young adults these days get “accidentally” pregnant?

Nevermind the fact that there are shit like condoms (yes yes and we all know it doesn’t feel the same as without), contraceptives, morning after pills and what else not… But even with or without that… Guys do you not know how to put your gear in reverse? Like or do you not know how to be careful or to clean up after yourself?

I mean seriously, 90% of the people I know of that became pregnant, are all “oopsies” and all of them unmarried, and only some of them does indeed then get married after the pregnancy news. Good for you… But no offence to anyone, honestly. I’m not judging, you’ll get my point soon.

I’m obviously not going to preach about sex before marriage, or having a baby out of wedlock. Since well I am not that religious and all and besides it ain’t anyone’s business…

Although…  I have to say, 8 years later and you don’t see me walking around with a baby. I started my relationship at age 15 and my boyfriend was 20 at the time, and still managed to be careful enough not to get pregnant.

Personally I sure as hell don’t want to get pregnant before my wedding day in the future. I’d much rather get married first before having babies. Does 15 year olds even realize the responsibility? Yes at that age, I knew of girls even younger getting pregnant. What the fuck?

At least finish school first…

But anyway, my point is… If I am able to go 8 years without getting a surprise peanut in my belly, then how are everyone else having “oopsies”… Drinking too much alcohol maybe? Lol

Seriously it is totally possible to have sex and be baby free! Hahaha don’t be reckless.

Well I better not jinx myself… “Touch Wood” (No not that kind of wood)…

Yeah I was just thinking about this, because of the fact that almost monthly someone my age +/- announces their pregnancy, which was not planned and oh yeah the fact that some people date less than a year or even less than 6 months, and wham bam pregnant!

At least if I become pregnant before I get married, I know that I’ve been in a long enough relationship that it’s semi-okay… If I’m engaged it would be semi-okay too, better than just in a relationship I guess… But I would rather not have that happen at all, it’s just a personal choice.

Haha but anyway… Just had to say something…

– CdP


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