My First Walk and Stalk Attempt with my Bow.

So imagine go hunting with your Bow, Walk & Stalk, right after a leg day?

I’m telling you, you will thank yourself because you are forced to walk as slow as possible. Hahaha

I came close to getting an Impala Ewe on 20m. I was originally stalking another one, and she was about 15m from me, I stalked her for like 10 minutes. When I came near her, I saw she was very small and skinny so I thought no I’m not gonna shoot her and as I wanted to back out I saw a whole damn herd in front of me, scattered here and there. Luckily I am so short that I am so low to the ground, they didn’t even see me.

I took a few steps forward, lowering myself. Stood near a bush that was a little bit higher than I am, but could not fully hide behind it as some twigs would have been in the way of my bow. It was actually a perfect shot for someone shooting right, but I shoot left so…

Anyway, damnit… There were two beautiful big ewes eating near the little one I stalked. They were both close to each other, but both standing sideways and both a perfect shot. Man and I was on the perfect spot, there were nothing to look out for. My heart suddenly started jumping and the adrenaline was pumping like crazy. So I stood on full draw, had a buff on though and it was pulled up all the way to cover my ghostly white face, so I didn’t want to take the chance to take it off and they see me… So there I stood on full draw and my damn peep decided that now was a good time not to line up with my sight, and in that moment of wanting to tug it with my nose, I couldn’t because it slipped on the buff and just as I was done after about three times of tugging and getting to look through the peep, the ewe on the right saw my head move in place, so I froze and she was good for a second but then she did that bark thing and bam all of them freaking scattered. So I let down, and stalked them again as they didn’t run far. Came close to them, a freaking thorn tree twig got me on the shirt and as it smacked back all of them scattered again, but this time they ran for good hahaha.

But hell it was really cool coming so close, and stalking them. What a rush.

I didn’t count on getting anything for my first try, I just wanted to get the feeling of it. Want to do it a lot more on future hunting trips.

– CdP


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