Need to Calm Down but Assholes… 

Who the hell does anyone (for that matter) think they can go around belittling other people like they are below them in life?

Who are you to treat other people like shit, when you have in your prime not yet reached any kind of success in life?

The fact of the matter is, if anyone can go around trowing to other people insults and / or accusations, and believing them self to be innocent at the same time. Then you better damn well prove it, but you can’t. Because it is not us who is the problem. The problem with those kinds of people is, they can’t face the facts when it involves them. They can’t face the truth even if it smacked them in the face. All they do is blame everyone else, for their own problems.

Get your fucking shit straight before you feel like walking all over someone else and failing at the same time, then get angry like a little kid because you have been talked back to in honesty and you don’t like it.

I’m God damn tired of people in this forsaken world thinking they have some kind of right to treat others badly, because it pleases them in some sick way.

I don’t need people like this in my life, trying to break me down every chance they get. Who fuck let you live? Who the hell gives you permission to treat anyone this way? And you expect respect, from that kind of behaviour? Have you not learned in life yet, respect is earned not given!

I am just as well tired of people running away from their responsibilities, and then expect others to fix it for them. Or they just throw it on others, or they just avoid it completely. Like if you want to shove your crap down others throats, you better thoughen up your act when they come back at you. Not go hide out, because you’re scared. What happened? You let other people in your life get dragged down into the same hiding hole, because you could not man up!

Why the hell do I have to deal with people like this in my life? I’m trying to do my God damn best to make it through, then come people like that who are suppose to be the people I should be looking up to, but yall act like God damn kids and I have to be the adult around here. I have to sacrifice, for what? So that baddies can get through life with a breeze and I have to suffer in silence?

I’m seriously tired of the constant shit I have to deal with and the people who causes it. It’s people like that and shit like that, that makes my path to death shorter and shorter. But hell no I won’t give them that satisfaction.

Just remember, karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve. All of you, who think everyone else should obey and kiss your feet, all of you who runs from responsibility which you caused… Trust me your time will come. In the meantime yall can go fuck yourself, I don’t care what the hell happens to you. Because clearly you don’t care about messing with other people’s life for fun. If that gets you off, then you’re the scum of life. The illness of earth, and a cancer to the human race. Normal people don’t get pleased by fucking with other people’s lives, by bringing them down, go get something else that you can jack off to.

Go die somewhere and rot. Not even hell has a place for yall.

I don’t need this shit from anyone, neither does anyone else trying to live peacefully and working hard at it to stay positive in life.

No one needs selfish negativity from freaking assholes.

This is what I feel like almost on a daily basis, so you tel me, how is one suppose to stay positive in life when you are in situations like these?

I’m just fed up. I just need a release.

– CdP


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