Bloody Dream

Last week I had this strange dream. It took place in a mansion, but it was more like a dorm kind of thing and co-ed too.

There was a few people there, and there seem to be a party going on. I didn’t know who all of them were, except for two people who I know from high school.

So I’m not sure what we were up to, because the dream was very confusing. What I do remember is, that the guy I know, came downstairs wearing shorts and both of his legs was full of bloody thick fresh cuts and he was going on nonchalantly like it was nothing, as if it wasn’t there. So I snuck up to his room, because I wanted to see what the hell he used.

As I was snooping, I heard footsteps comming in and tried to hide underneath the bed, but couldn’t do quick enough, but luckily the girl I know was the one who came up. I saw her and got out of underneath the bed and was like “oh it’s only you”.

Turns out she also wanted to snoop. Anyway, there was a lot of crap and clothes scattered about on his bed, but as we snooped we came accross one of those steel rulers and one side of it was smeared with blood.

God that image had been in my head since, I don’t even want to know what the hell that must feel like. Cuts with a ruler? Gross. It’s blunt as fuck, it must hurt as hell. It doesn’t look so nice either. A bit disturbing if you ask me.


– CdP


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