Tattoos (6)

This is my first tattoo. Left wrist. The first Character is Japanese for Love, the second is Japanese for Dream.

“Ai” and “Yume”

Why this? Well to most people it seem totally pointless, but to me it actually does have meaning and value to my life, because Love and Dream both play an important role in my life, both of which is not perfect, but life is not perfect. Also both which hold a lot of positivity as well as reminds me that for as long as there is Love, pain will follow too, but Love will always win the fight, and draw me in when I feel near the end. Where as Dream, will always be my Escape when reality pushes too hard and I need a break. Both “Love” and “Dream” are as much perfect as imperfect, both of which reminds me of life, and that reality can’t be paused… So I will Love and I will Dream for as long as I live. Sorry if it does not make sense to you at all, it’s kind of hard to explain because it is so much more than just that. Also, I love Japanese, hence I chose the Japanese Characters, as well as the fact that most people won’t understand by seeing it so it’s kind of like this “inside secret” for me and a permanent remembrance of why I chose “Love” and “Dream” as a symbol that will remind me of many things… It’s like a mental, as well as emotional, note on my skin. You know… 😀


My second tattoo looks like this, on the right side of my body by and below my ribs. Pointing downwards. First, I like this design because it is unique. Second the Triangle has so many symbolism, I find it very intriguing and that it suits my way of thinking, as I like things that have meaning behind them. I like interesting things in life. For one, the Triangle pointing downwards, symbolises “Femininity”, as well as “Water”. I kind of like the fact that it symbolises Water. Because I’ve always liked the element Water, and Water itself also has it’s own symbolism. These are a few that I like most “Depth, Motion and Life” those three relate to my Astrology sign, Pisces, which goes hand in hand with Water. “Emotion, Intuition, Subconscious, Energy” I like too. Overall, Water is this powerful element, which people often forget as they underestimate it very easily, in the end death can be the result. Water is scary and mysterious. Like an abyss.

These are a few specific meanings to the Triangle that I like:

– “Spirit, Mind, Body”

– “Past, Present, Future”

– “Power, Intellect, Love”

– “Thought, Feeling, Emotion”

– “Love, Truth, Wisdom”

You also get the clichés such as “Live, Love, Laugh” which I do not have a problem with at all. But to me though the other mentioned, holds something more mysterious and deep, and I like that. It’s like giving someone a reason to think. Also holding a hint of your inner-person, yet doesn’t reveal much either. If that makes any sense.

And then the flower within. Flowers seem to hold almost an endless amount of different symbolism. I think in the end, it all depends on the person and what it means to them. To me it is something like “Life, Spirituality, Growth, Balance, Awareness, Ambition, Determination, Nature, Hope, Faith, Positivity, Silence, Courage, Power, Will”.  It’s about one small and simple thing that can hold so many symbolism, but what I like mostly is, all that combined sums about up it’s life. How in a harsh world, even something as small and beautiful as a flower will manage to live. And it holds the kind of power to make someone stop in their tracks and appreciate the sight of it.

This whole design is not just about the looks, but is one combination of all mentioned above. So all and all, it’s more than meets the eye.


The Raven. Always looked down on and misinterpreted. But the Raven is Dark, Mysterious, Mystical and Beautiful. Most importantly they are Incredibly Intelligent Creatures. I love all the above about them. I like that this Raven is flying, to me it means to be Free. This soon will be my next tattoo. Just above my right ankle.


The Ensõ aka Zen Circle. The Ensõ symbolises absolute Enlightenment, Strength, Elegance, the Universe and the Void. I love it. I like the design of this one, because it is unique. I would love to get it sometime, but I am not yet sure where so for now it’s still on hold. But I still wanted to share it though.

These Arrows will become one, because I don’t like the second one’s fletches, but I like the first one’s fletches. The Tattoo Artist will be combining it for me, this I will get with my Raven soon. The Arrow will be on my left outer arm (the side), from below my elbow down to my wrist.

Okay so why an Arrow? One, because it represents something in my life that I love doing, which means a lot to me and something I am good at for a change. Second since Archery became a part of my Life, I have met a lot of awesome people, which I am very thankful for. Third, I shoot left since my left eye is dominant, although I am right handed. So therefore I am cross-dominant. How cool is that? I like being different. I have also build up a lot of confidence, and grown as a person, learned new things, had good times and opportunities, etc… So goes it.

To move on, have you ever heard the quote “A wise man can always be found alone. A weak man can always be found in a crowd.” well for some reason, that is the feeling I get when I think of a Single Arrow. Also an Arrow moves forward, so it reminds me to stay positive and move forward. There are more symbolism to it than just that which I also value, such as: “Protection, Defence, Direction, Force, Movement, Courage, Love, Swiftness, Knowledge, Power, Aim Ahead” all of which represents something personal for me and to my life.

arrow-tattoo-310-650x650 Black-Arrow-And-Swirls-Tattoo-Designs

So there you have it. A tattoo can be simple, yet has the power to speak a thousand words. There are a few others I like too, such as the Lotus, Cherry (Sakura) Blossom Tree, but will share those another time.

Personally I believe Tattoos are not just art on your skin, but holds something more important, and at some point it is psychological. A way of expression. Well to me it is at least.

– CdP


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