It sucks to be me right now…


Just thought I’d moan a little… Haha

First of all, I am sick. Again. This time it’s like my throat, ears, nose and all that are affected. If I talk, I sound weird to myself because my ears are closed, as well as my nose and also my voice disappears, and my eyes are burning. 

This is the third time being sick in about two or three months time. It’s freaking crazy I tell you, crazy. 

I guess even though I try hard to be healthy physically, it doesn’t do much when your mind, heart and soul is not in the same state and thus the chances to get sick still stands. How troublesome.

My head is whoozy and I have no energy, I feel like I am in sleep-mode, and I have no appetite. I tried eating a slice of toast this morning so I don’t drink the flu kit on an empty stomach. Lol I hate 3/4 of the toast and that’s it. Ugh. Further I have had one cup of rooibos tea, nescafe coffee, and am now gawking at a cup of green tea, which I will probably sip sip every now and then. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like green tea. I just don’t feel like I want anything in my stomach right now.

So I am not going to attempt to finish my week’s workout, I will rather repeat Week 3, next week. I will update Week 2 soon enough though. 

For now I just want to get better, it’s bad enough being at work. I can’t freaking concentrate on anything. It’s like everything takes extra effort to do than usual. I don’t want to open my mouth and talk, but Murphy has it in for me as there is someone calling every ten minutes. 
I need to re-do my sight tape for my bow too. I want to save energy for Saturday to test the tape as well as get more far shot practice in. If the weather plays along. I don’t even think I will be able to draw my bow as is now, let alone gym. My everything feels like jelly. 

Have you ever napped for too long and you get up feeling worse than before, that tired feeling you can literally feel on your forehead? And like feels your energy is being drained from the inside. Yeah I feel like that. 

So I hope by Monday I feel strong enough to gym. I hate slacking. 

Anyway… Good day to everyone. 

– CdP 


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