Titan Zombies Nightmare?

So last night I was killed a few times over and over again.

The entire night I was dreaming stuff, similar to Attack on Titan, except different scenes each time. From caves, to forestry, to cities, to malls and hotel rooms… Wtf. And a lot of people everywhere freaking out. Oh and the Titans were very different looking. More like skinned giant bloody zombies. Haha if the Titans looked like Annie or Eren, I guess it would have been fine. Lol

And yes there where guts and blood all over and half bodies, limbs, bitten off heads etc… And humans crushed like a lemon between Titan teeth.

I will wake up to pee, sleep again and dream on about Titans attacking and eating humans. I was eaten a few times, and it’s like a reset button gets hit whenever I die. Everytime a new kind of scene appears when I die.

I think it started with me in a cave, with someone else, in hiding, while we watched how Titans run about as well as killing each other. What seemed like watching a movie. While we thought all was gone and dead eventually, we heard someone on the “radio” (those walky talky things) say that there are tons of them in the forest, chasing a group of people. All of a sudden I was a part with that group of people, along with family members and a lot of other people. All I remeber from there is everyone running for their lives and now and then a person gets scooped up and when you look back, they are in the mouth of the Titan and everything is a bloody nightmare. I guess at some point I was one of them.

I remember a scene within a City, but it was quick. Basically just how the city gets destroyed, from top view, and then I was in a mall.

I remember being in the centre of the mall, and it was crazy. They were crushing the building and everything was dangling from the roof and stuff was flying around as they tare the place apart, people scattered everywhere. I think I was eventually caught on the second floor of the mall, because I remember the view from up there and a Titan behind me at some point.

After that I was caught in a hotel room that played over in a loop for a while. I was hiding behind a door, holding myself together in a ball form, there were two little kids in there with me, and all of a sudden an arm of a Titan breaks through and I guess I somewhat tried to get in the way before it got the kids, because then I was in his mouth getting eaten. Bam, reset.

Same story, but I was alone. Through comes the Titan, he broke through the door and saw me, grabbed me and brought me closer and closer to his mouth, opening his mouth and I get crushed. I knew I was dreaming, so everytime he got me and comes close to bitting my head off, I winced as I see that scene from another view. Then it resets again. I saw that room a few times.

But the last time I remembered, I was hiding behind that door again, with an oversized orange jacket, with my female cat inside my jacket (she was just there all of a sudden) and I prayed not to be found because I don’t want my cat to go through the pain and I don’t want her to die, or leave her behind to be alone. I wanted to cry.

It then stopped there. All feeling I had was that panicked feeling, whenever I wake up or so, but nothing else despite the fact dying most of the time. I didn’t feel odd when I got eaten or died, because I knew it wasn’t real. It felt like I was playing an RPG game or something.

Ah I guess I had scarrier nightmares though, this is nothing compared to previous ongoing nightmares about two or three months ago. I was drenched in sweat and too scared to go back to sleep at that time, and that comes from someone who are almost used to disturbing dreams. Actually this is not a nightmare at all, this is just a messed up dream.


– CdP


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