Strange Dream about Cats in a Creepy House

Had one of my weird dreams again. (The night before last night)

Was at some place I don’t know. Had a small get together with people and then afterwards everyone was gone and I was outside in some yard with my boyfriend. I came accross this beautiful cat, and it made me follow it until I saw about 4 to 5 kittens, very beautiful tiger looking babies.

My boyfriend came along, and we then went into the house that the mamma cat and her babies went into. It was this huge house and it was dark inside, there was no one. It was dirty and there were a lot of crap on the ground, broken and old things and such. Spooky and all.

So we sneaked through this huge house. Came to a living room, played with the kittens and I noticed a black kitten with a white neck. It didn’t look like the other kittens. I followed this black kitten, along came the mamma cat and her babies too as we gone up to a room. She sat upright and stared at me while I kneeled down to pet the black baby, when I did so, I saw but here are 3 more black kittens underneath the bed as well. They were very vert tiny still, and there was another mommy cat under the bed. So it was cats everywhere, until I noticed black stuff hopping around her, and then I saw huge black fat crickets hopping about. Suddenly the room was full of them and tiny crickets. So then my boyfriend took the tiny kittens, and we went through the house looking for n warm place.

We got to a room, which I only noticed the zink with a cupboard and so, when you step into the room, you walk down 2-3 stairs, the room is massive. Inside the middle of the room there were a huge hospital bed and on the opposite side of me, but next to the bed, on the floor and connected to the bed were tons of mashines and pipes and stuff and it was so freaking weird and death hung around in that room for sure. Against the walls were racks with books and stuff, and stuff also scattered about below it.

Imagine an abandoned house with all it’s stuff in, yeah that house was like that but messy and dirty and creepy.

Anyway in the end we wanted to wipe the kittens with a towel and make a warm bed for them in a clean place clear of crickets and crap.

But I woke up while we were in that room still.

– CdP


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