Unmentionable Dream 

When you dream something, that can make you feel restless and panicked and all sorts of emotions from the above to being sad and sorry and make you question your conscience.

As well as feeling safe in the most unexpected place, with the most unexpected person, with the most unexpected vibe that makes you fear them as well as make you feel safe if you are on the right side.

I can’t explain my dream of last night. All I can say, it is very familiar because of certain people, but it is also very strange and unfamiliar and unknown people trying to invade my personal space.

I can see the whole dream still in my head, but it really is just hard to explain, even though in my head everything seem so simple. It’s more about the effect it had, and it’s more an emotional trigger, than visual effects.

I think because I know what it means, I feel like I want to suppress it. It’s about getting to know someone I already know, but I don’t know them like I want to, and there is a lot more to it than just that and it bothers me. I don’t want to mention it though.



– CdP


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