False Ass Posers

I wish people would stop with the subtle approaches and falsehood.

Why beat around the bush? 

Just come out and be honest for a change or stop being a coward and say what you really mean instead of using sly methods to point out the obvious.

Everyone is always so big mouth behind one’s back, and loves to tell tall tailes, but in front of you they are all false and act like they are so innocent.

Get some balls and be real, false ass posers. Start thinking logically, and stop blaming others for your life issues and personal insecurities. 

Quit being a poser, then maybe the right people will start to respect you.

There are too many falsehood among people, it’s ridiculous. 

To them it is all fun and games being sly as fuck, always having tricks up their sleeve and always coming up with new subtle manoeuvres to manipule the honest living people around them. 

Those kinds of people are the worst kind of people who tear you down with sly moves, they are low like scum for the tactics they use to get what they want or to do things how they want, the wrong way.

Most of the time they don’t know jack shit, but act like they do. They always assume the worst. Only the guilty assumes worst. Why assume at all though? Why always trying to figure it out? Why not just be straightforward? Why always trying the sly way, instead of the easier right way? What are you trying to protect? Your ego? Your insecurities? Or the fact that you are a coward?

Getting over it. Dealing with false people. I don’t need falsehood in my life, if you can’t be real with me, don’t expect me to be real with you. 

Sick of all the underhanded tactics. The only fools around here, are you false ass posers. You aren’t smart like you think you are, you are obvious as fuck.

– CdP 


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