Random Dreams & Life Updates. Llama… :|

Last night’s dream was so funny.

I dreamt I was in school again, and I was thinking about my next Tattoo that I’m going to get, and in the dream I thought but I can’t get it now that I am in school, because it will be too revealing and they will probably kick me out of school, but in the meantime in my head at the same time I was thinking but I already have two revealing Tattoos, it won’t matter in the end. Haha… I woke up grinning, happy that I actually am not back in school.

The night before that, I dreamt that I made a huge scar on my left arm, it didn’t bleed or anything but the scar was thick and deep and dark red. I didn’t feel anything or didn’t actually dream how I did it, but it was there, though the image is pretty clear in my head so when I eventually woke up I just had to look at my arm to see if it’s there. I sighed in relief that it wasn’t there.

In the meantime, the next day, I get a message from my Boyfriend, he cut open his finger with some wack tool technicians use, whatever the hell it is, anyway, yummy a nice piece of meat gone. Ugh. He should have gotten stitches, but didn’t because the people in this town are damn useless when it comes to helping people, so he is “nursing” it himself.

Today… He got a massive scar on his right calf. (About the size that I dreamt was on my arm) Anyway, he was busy sorting out the garage. Jeesh… My poor BF.

Anyway… Also I am expecting kittens very soon. My Cat is pregnant, with my Boy’s babies. So I am expecting beautiful little Lexi Beans. (Her name is Lexi). But she is so tiny, poor thing. Gonna have tiny beans. She wasn’t supposed to get pregnant. She was in heat for the first time, so afterwards I took her to the vet to get spayed, the vet phoned back to say he can’t because she is in the beginning phase of tick fever… Damnit, so there went my money… Anyhoo, fine… She got an injection and some meds… So all of that, added up to 4 weeks. And in that time, my Boy got his paws on her… So yeah… we wait… It should be soon now…

Yadda… Yadda… Furthermore there have been a hell load of drama, but that’s all good now, and also in the meantime and always as usual I have a lot of things going on inside. But let’s just keep it at that…

Happy Llama, Sad Llama, Mentally Disturbed Llama, Super Llama, Drama Llama, Big Fat Mamma Llama… (This is freaking hilarious and whenever I hear the word Llama or Drama I want to sing that…) 😀

So Cheers to the Freaking Weekend!

– CdP


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