Open Minded Pic Quotes(19)


The best kind of people, are open-minded people. At least with an open mind, less things will shock you and more things will fascinate you.

Personally a lot of things fascinates me about people… and a lot of things other (or closed minded people) find weird, I will find interesting…

Anyway, having an open mind, also means being able to listen clearly, without judging another person for their actions, their personality, their choices, their opinions etc… But rather have an Open Mind to what they have to say, and be more understanding and just be someone who people feel comfortable talking to without getting a slap in the face because you disapprove. Disapproval comes easy from people who do not understand or even want to understand another person for who they are, mostly they cannot even comprehend everyone else being their own person, and not who they want you to be. Closed minded people, are usually self-centered people, or they are heavily based on old believes etc… and they stubbornly struggle to be a tad bit more open minded than others. Therefore they will rather judge and not want to understand, because they simply just cannot comprehend it.

Be a Little Less Judgemental, and a Little More Open Minded… Trust me, Life is Good if you just have an Open Mind. Nothing ever good will come to you if your mind is closed. Really, people will just despise you, shut you out, even if they care for you or not, because in the end we all want someone to understand us and if you know a person you care about, but you can only talk to them to an extent because they have a habit of judging your life or choices, rather than trying to hear you out, then of course you won’t feel comfortable enough to talk to them about a lot of things…

If you are that person, and you don’t understand why people don’t like to share personal or even everyday life things with you, then maybe you should lower your expectations a bit and open up that little mind of yours, and stop being selfish.

One more thing, being Open Minded, makes a you bit more observant about what happens in general in life. 🙂 Keeping an open mind, makes you realize a lot of other things, that closed minded people do not easily pick up. (Because some people are so damn dense, I swear it’s like a freaking disease!)

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– CdP


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