New Workout / Year End Stuff / Online Gaming

Sooo I am planning another new workout, starting in two weeks, as I just want to finish week 3 and 4 still. I originally wanted to wait until Jan, but I can’t, too excited hehe…

Don’t expect too much, it will probably still be most of the same things I do now, but I am feeling like I want a bit more of a challenge again, blast it up a little bit again, so my reps and sets will change for sure, as well as of each workout on the last set, I will make it “till fail”, hehe, can’t wait for that. Will definitely post the new workout once I am done figuring it out, I thought I had more time today, but the time is just not enough… Have to go to my BF’s parents now, for a drink… As it is my BF’s 29th Birthday today… and they keep begging for us to come over… (Man I have a headache as is already) Been busy the whole day. Went to do grocery shopping this morning, then went for a drive through town and saw our tattoo artist is open and said hello, afterwards we went to the mall because Charles (my BF) wanted to go get 2 x 20kg plates, and freaking hell that was heavy carrying to the car. He carried one, and I carried one, and like 20kg is almost a half of me… 😐 No really… I weight like 48, that is 24 half so yeah almost half of me I carried to the car… >.> And it was awkward as my hands are tiny, and the plates are round and thick and slippery… hahaha and then we came home and did some house cleaning…

Anyway, last night was the Year End Function I mentioned previously… 50’s Theme and all… Was kinda cool, I don’t fit in with a lot of people, so I kind of feel shy and out of place, but it was nice and everyone was nice hehe… Not too bad… Haha Introvert awkwardness, but you know… Was fun, and it is nice to get to know the people a bit better.

Right before that, the morning, we went to End Year shoot, and it was hot AF, and you get tired easily walking in the sun and I had jeans on and a long T-Shirt, because I didn’t want to burn and get sunstroke again… Then after that we went to the beach to “braai” (aka “bbq” – it’s a SA thing) and I went to swim in the lagoon with my long T-Shirt and panties hahaha, with my super snow white legs and all… It was great! I love swimming, but joh we walked in far as it was very shallow, I thought my legs where definitely going to be sore today, but it’s fine.

Well I’m like tired… What a freaking weekend… I wanted to play more Elder Scrolls Online… But didn’t get quite time this weekend, maybe tonight…

I haven’t played an online game in ages, and I am lost as fuck in ESO… Anyway invite me @Chalou101 if you’re on Elder Scrolls Online, or even on Steam also @Chalou101

Anyway gotta go now. Enjoy the week.

– CdP


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