Venting a bit… (1)


You know what…

I honestly don’t understand the people in my Town… Like if they aren’t idiots, then they are people who has this massive self-centred kind of attitude, thinking that the world owes them something. No really, this town is like one big illness, because 90% of these people all suffer from this thing called “Ego”…

Most of them don’t fucking smile, and look like a sourpuss… Their noses are always high as fuck, thinking they are fancy as fuck, meantimes at the end of the day we all shit the same way, just like any other human being on this goddamn planet.

They have no damn clue how to be nice… They think they can treat you like dirt, because they sit with this insane idea that they are better than everyone else around them? Are you freaking kidding me?

If ANYONE think they are better than someone else, then they better damn well have enough proof to stand by. Because unless you are a complete fucking idiot, then there is NO PERSON who are better than anyone else, I don’t give a damn who you think you are, it does not give you any reason to treat anyone else like dirt, or yell at them.

Not to mention how this town goes on using Facebook, thinking they can RUN the actual TOWN with their stupid GROUPS or PAGES, because they have the “power” to block you, for no valid reason, no specification in the rules, no warning, NO NOTHING, so whoopty fucking doo, they think they are some Deity that has power over the people in the town.

So many times, so many reasons, that makes people not want to be in this place, because of people thinking they can do and say what they please, with no regard or respect for others who would like to coexist in the same damn town…

I am sure that many other places has their dickheads, making a place suck to live in, but honest to goddess I am seriously tired of everyone’s damn attitudes in this forsaken place. Bossy ass people thinking they can throw around orders whenever they like, to whoever… Young Adults who still act like teenagers, HELLO you are not in school anymore. This is LIFE, get REAL, GROW THE FUCK UP, stop throwing around accusations and spreading rumors… Tired of people thinking they will achieve something by walking their mouth, and people who think it is Funny to act like snobs, when in fact they walk on the same ground as everyone else.

I AM TIRED of people always trying to use others in this town, so that they don’t have to pay anything, because they have no money, but they live in big ass houses, driving most expensive cars, buying a lot of groceries, but still stingy as fuck because “They have no money” are you fucking kidding me?

No wonder the people who actually struggle trying to live a peaceful life here, struggles to begin with, because it is the nice people always giving their all, and the goddamn assholes wouldn’t think twice to take as much as they can, and stomp on it! We nice people have to put up with this shit… And the assholes will say “If you don’t like it here, then move”… Easy for you to say, we actually like the TOWN itself, it is you goddamn assholes who ruins this place, who makes it unpleasant for good people who lives here, who tries to make a genuine living with honesty, and not a living by trying to trick and fuck around with other people.

I just can’t deal right now, I just want to punch someone in the face! And kick them repeatedly…

– CdP


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