Upcoming in 2017 (1)


Hey everyone,

Well for starters I hope everyone had a better 2016 than I had?

For me it was a total freaking mess of a year and I mean a MESS… I experienced so many new things, and I mean emotionally and mentally and I have broken down so so many times this year, it’s not even funny…

Well I am glad this year has reached its end, as long as it is not my end. I am quite looking forward to 2017.

I might have some very very good news, but unfortunately it is not yet 100% confirmed, so I do not want to break the news right now. No I am not pregnant, I have four cats at the moment, they are all the kids I need as of right now lol, no babies… Maybe another two years or so… Hahaha who knows… Although my big boy cat hasn’t come back, he is gone for almost 10 weeks now, and I really miss him. He loves being outdoors and can look after himself well, but he usually comes back no longer than two or three days, so I think something happened. No one would be able to get near to him, he doesn’t like people, he runs away from them and goes wild if you force him near people, so he either got sick badly or a car might have hit him… I don’t really want to think about it, because he is very special to me. 😦 but if he comes back, make that 5 cats. Why so many? He had babies with my girl, she got 6 beans, 1 died on 3 weeks old, 2 got homes, we decided to keep 2, the 1 left over I didn’t get a home for, so we decided to keep him too, they are all very unique. I would rather keep them and now they are safe, than take them to an SPCA or whatever. I love my kitties…

Anyway, well I really hope… No, I really believe that 2017 will be a great year for me. I see a lot of things changing for me, as I have mentioned that so many things recently has changed as well, all for the good, and it can only get better. I am totally open minded as to what the future holds, and I am positive.

There are a few things I wish to “finalize” in 2017 so to say… Time is an issue here, but I hope for the best for some situations to get sorted out.

So, with certain things changing soon, I just hope that all that I have wondered about until the actual day finally comes, that it will actually live up to expectation. Although, there is a little bit of uncertainty dwelling within, as I am scared that it might not be that kind of start that I am excited for, I am scared that something goes wrong or scared that it just don’t work… I’m honestly scared… but more excited… It’s very confusing…

In the meantime, I kind of feel bored lately with certain aspects of life… I don’t really know how to explain it, but yeah… So I really do hope that 2017 will hold a lot of new things for me, new challenges as well as live up to my expectations, because I hate feeling like things are getting dull as fuck…

Anyway… Probably next week or so, I’ll know for sure about the news… Hehe 😉

See ya soon & Happy New Year to everyone, I hope 2017 treats you well. 🙂

– CdP


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