Achieve Dreams the right way.

​You know, today I realised something again, and often it is necessary to realise it every now and then… That people are so easy to judge someone else because they achieved something that you have yet to achieve (this is called jealousy), but little do you know what that person, or people, have been through to eventually live their dream and to live up to the expectations that other people have of them. 

Nothing in life comes easy. Not to you, and not to them.

Dreams don’t come true by creating shorter routes and skipping the hard work that is necessary to shape your future. 

Hard work is completely necessary, as well as being humble and thankful at that moment for what you have, even if what you have is close to nothing and you’re literally saving each and every penny you’ve got, in order to still feed a mouth or two. 

If you think that everything comes easy in life to everyone who succeeded, then you are wrong. Who are you to judge them for their achievements that they alone obtained and worked hard for? When all you try to do is trick and trade, use every possible shortcut or easy way in and out to benefit your own life by fooling others?

Achievement comes from those who expect nothing, but give everything. From trust. From care. From doing your best and trying even harder each and every time you fail. Because failing don’t let them down, it makes them want to do better the next time. It makes them learn from mistakes and learn to deal with certain things a little bit better, and by educating themselves in the services they provide as well as life and getting to know people around them, and building relationships. 

Don’t sit back, expecting great things to come to you, if you are not prepared to work hard in return for a better greater future. Life is never easy, along the way you have to choose your destiny. Stop fooling around, stop judging what you don’t know or understand, especially if you don’t even know a person, or people, personally. No matter the look of the book, the story inside is what matters. 
Don’t be the two faced kind of person, in order to take what you learn from others to benefit yourself alone. Don’t be the kind of person who have everything mean to say about everyone else, so that you come out on top. Because you will fail, and people will start to realise the tricks you pull.

Be the kind of person who listens and learns, to be able to help someone in need, to be able to create awareness and to be proud of what you are able to offer as a person that can be trusted and be counted on, knowing that you will come far by putting genuine clean work into whatever it is you are doing to achieve your many goals, whoever you are assisting, as long as you know you are doing it with a clean conscience. Because by doing good, without expectations, will bring forth so many possibilities, opportunities, open doors and positive “vibes” and so many good things, that you will then understand how great life can be and that honestly the Universe provides, as long as you do it right with honest intensions and integrity. 

– CdP


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