Dream Plane (1)

So this is the second night I had a dream about a platform that is literally a “Dream Platform”. While I dream, I actually know in my dream that this is a created platform based on the existence of dreams which are personal, spiritual, mental, emotional, other worldly and bizarre all at the same time… But solely exist all in one place, creating a platform. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s all I can think of on how to explain what I mean.

Try being a lucid dreamer, dreaming odd, sometimes even disturbing, vivid things… It’s hard to explain, almost unexplainable things. Dreams are more than just an over active imagination, it is your thoughts, emotions and subconscious entwined with your mind and over active imagination, as well as your everyday life.

Anyway, so this platform or plane, whatever, a kind of personal dream plane that was made up only by my own mind and thoughts, a plane with no time and floating randomly in space. Literally… There where planets and stars and purple nebulae around the edges of the plane. (Okay so the fact that I was reading about Nasa’s New Discovery might have been the reason for the planets hahaha I don’t know…) The plane is not even on earth, it is just a plane in space. (Why am I thinking of Loydd in Space right now? Random…)

So anyway… The first time I dreamt about this dream plane I was mesmerised (in my dream I was mesmerised about my dream). The layout is almost that of a shopping centre, although there are no walls separating the space and differences, it’s all just there neatly situated. All the different things, objects, category of things, whatever you call it… It was just very neatly ordered. I guess… It’s weird, like there are a small area of random looking mirrors and funny looking furniture, all made from a light coloured wood. Might have been “Geelhout” anyway, there is a meadow stretched widely on almost half of the plane, long soft light green glowy grass, and in the middle of it is a monument looking smallish building, which are actually a few small fitting rooms, I mean WTF does that got to do with a meadow or a monument? Haha but from the outside it looks cool though, very oldish like as if the bricks have been standing for 100’s of years.

On another part / area of the plane there is a table with strange dolls, not bigger than 30 cm and not smaller than 5cm at least, and ornaments, there are strange ornamental objects even randomly placed all over the plane, yet does not look out of place, those I am not sure how to explain. It’s kind of wiccan styled if that makes sense? Like it would be like woven kind of looking metaly with orbs and a raven here or there. Stuff like that, different colours such as a dirty yellow gold and a dirty silver. Each ornament or object was different from the other.

The doll looking things are basically displayed on a huge long long table probably about 50 metres long if not more, and about 15 metres wide. The table is a very old styled looking and a very very dark colour wood. It had all these weird looking strangly shaped strangly featured doll things. All made of wood as well, but each of them had different sizes and colours and facial expressions, yet they are all similar. If that makes sense. Lol. But they represent like emotions and thoughts. In  that specific moment in the dream my mother was there and I showed her the table with these things. Her first reaction was “wow” because of the amount of it and then she took a closer look and said “why would anyone want this”. In the dream I thought rather leave it at that. Then she disappeared from my dream plane.

I recall some random situated objects were also greyish looking mist fountains. There was no water coming out, only mist.

Anyway there is a lot more on the plane, there are even a piece, yes a piece, of beach and ocean and it looks similarly to a spot here in my town except the building in front of it in my dream has a Wimpy (restaurant). There were tons of people on the beach and it was slightly more brighter on the beach than rest of the dream plane. Next to the beach it was night and there are this place where you can go into. It looked like a private VIP lounge club thing, I don’t know really what it was… But there are also rooms in there, but it’s like every turn you take is a different kind of place / room in a different kind of space and time. Freaking space time bending shit, like time travel.

There are just so many things on the plane, I can see flashes of it in my head still but there are a lot of blurry areas which I do not know how to explain.

Anyway… The first time I dreamt about this place, there was a girl with me. I don’t know who, and we did a lot of things together on the plane… Looked at different things, went into every place, walked the whole damn plane… We had fun. There were even other people who appeared, but they were all like shadows. I didn’t see any faces or colour on them, like they were just in the background.

The second time I dreamt about this place, was the same moment my mother appeared for an instant. After that I had the same experience as my previous dream except it was my boyfriend with me this time. And at the end of this dream, I freaking went into the sea and floated along the water, where I happen to bump into someone from school who was on a mission of taking photos of god knows what on the other side of the ocean, and as I drifted along the side I turned around to see another friend who was having a milkshake with her mother in Wimpy and they were waving through the window at me…

And I woke up…

Soooo yeah… That’s some crazy shit right there. Would be awesome though, dreaming about this place again. It’s an awesome looking place. I feel safe and welcome there, is that weird?

– CdP


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