A Mansion, No Escape

Well last night’s dream was weird and awkward.

I was in this mansion of a house that is under surveillance 24/7, not just with CCTV, but also people constantly guarding and there is no way to escape.

There are tons of other people of all ages “captured” in this mansion as well, and some have been there for a very long time. What’s weird is it doesn’t seem to be like hostile or aggressive or anything of the sort. Like everyone is in casual wear, it’s not like we or anyone are prisoners or cuffed or anything like in that specific manner. But still everyone fears those in charge.

There is this woman that is the “Boss Lady” of the place, she’s a bitch and is not good looking at all. She wears her hair up like a freaking ballerina. She walks around daily with four guards surrounding her as she checks up on all the people. She’s kinda chubby.

Anyway… People fear this woman the most. I don’t know exactly why, but she looks scary as hell.

But the main goal of this mansion and the people in it, is experiments. Like all sorts of stuff. You have a daily routine of things you absolutely need to do. For instance I remember, sitting in a room with two guys and another lady, but I was newly “captured” into this mansion and everyone that is new sits in this same room, at a small table that is the size of a toddler table, there are about four to five thick ass books on the table and each person needs to tear out a piece of paper that has their birth year on the paper from any book and once they have it, and show proof of it, then they can move onto the next level or room or whatever. I struggled to find a piece of paper with 1993 on it, as a guy before me had gotton his hands on it first. Everyone with me in the room was already done while I still searched.

But there are like tons of stuff the people need to do in the mansion and everyone has different things to do. Different tasks to complete. I don’t mean experiments like those of in a laboratory that is all science-like and white room and coats etc… I mean more on a mental or psychological level. The tasks can be plain and simple like that book thing, or more complicated as you reach higher levels and do more tasks.

Basically that’s all I know. I don’t know all the tasks and levels and what everyone does. I only know the reason for the mansion and that people get in and never out and that the place was huge, yet beautiful as well. I woke up still trying to find my birth year in the book.

– CdP


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