Tie Dye Supreme Being (1)

Last night I had another strange dream.

So the scene was kind of like that of a jail. But not in harsh standards. (Again with this?)

Everyone inside that belongs there, including me, cannot get out freely. But anyone from the outside can come in freely and go out freely as they please. Strange, yeah?
It was all girls inside as far as I can tell, from all those who belong. Okay so here comes the really strange part…

Basically the whole interior design of the jail is a dark greyish colour. But there is a top level, that has this huge wall that is this mysterious supreme being with multiple different colours, especially light blue, that swirls around. It looks like blue tye dye, but occasionally changes colour, but definitely favours the blues. Anyway get this, the reason why I refer to it as a supreme being is, it can talk and I don’t just mean talk, it is like a brain without a body. That colour is its physical form, although it cannot move, yet it can do anything and make anything happen.

So, this gets better. Inside this jail, the being uses the women to grant certain wishes they desire, but they have to do something in exchange for whatever it is they want. But it is limited. Like it has to be something realistic and something physical and it cannot be something that effects anything outside of jail and it only lasts a certain amount of time.

The main character in my dream was a girl, petite, but a bit taller than I am. She was a bit darker in skin colour, like caramalish and had frizzy hair, and seemed very cute and sincere. Her wish required a lot of different and difficult tasks, many times, to make up for the amount of energy it takes to grant it.

She has severe burn damage on about 90% of her body, and it is not pretty, therefore every midnight she sits before the “Tie Dye” wall and it heals her skin. It is not painful, but it is also not pleasant.

The one night, that specific girl sits behind me, we never talk or even know each other… But the “Tie Dye” being gave her a task to do. I don’t know what it was she had to do with me, but she took me to the upper level where He is. Yes, the voice of the supreme being was a man, go figure. Then all of a sudden, for an instant, there was a blackout and it felt like an earthquake. I fell down and slid down the floor as if the jail was tipped over and I held on to the railings, looking down to the level below. Just hanging.

The wall lost its colour and became so black that it looked unreal, like there was a pit of darkness. Every little glow of light in its direction disappears. It’s just this complete wall of void.

The jail shook another time, and out of the darkness of the wall crawled out trillions of black ants, literally crawling all over, taking over the place in a matter of seconds. The supreme being lost its voice. But the girl stood in the room, her arms straight up, her hands facing the the ceiling, her eyes as well. Her face was full of agony and she shrieked like she was burning, even though there was no flames, but her clothes disappeared into thin air and her wounds appeared from her feet up as if following a pattern straight up her leg, side of her body and back, up to her neck and behind her ear and a bit of her face. Then she collapsed.

I remember someone pulling me up right after and by the grip I could tell it was a man, even before I saw his face. He then pinned me down aggressively. I recognised his face, and then for some reason he got spooked off and hurried away.

Dreams man… Weird stuff. I remember blurry moments, but can’t remember them well enough. I woke up after the man scurried off. But I remember like more people in the jail, and a part of a cafeteria. Also that the girl was not as cute and sincere really, but kind of evil. I remember more people sitting with me, before she appeared. We were watching something and it was night and inside the yard of the jail. It’s all very phasy. Like the scenes shifted a lot. And there were something else about the girl as well, but can’t remember what. I just remember it was before we went up to the second level.

I wonder what happened though, why the being went rogue? Like I know the girl did not accomplish her task, but the wall went rogue before that…

Hahaha really strange dream… By far one of my most questionable dreams of weirdness…

– CdP


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