10 Reasons why boots are awesome! (3)

1. You get a lot of different lengths and types of boots. I prefer the one above the ankle and the one just under the knee.

2. They are the best “holders” if you don’t want to stuff up your jean pockets and don’t want to carry around a hand bag for just a few necessary things.

3. Stuff you can hide in your boots: Smartphone, Knives, Tampons 😂😆, Bank Card, Cash, Licence Card, Smokes, Lighter, Letters, A Key, Flashdrive, Memory Card and other small things you might want to keep within reach.

4. You can kick like a boss if you have some nice sturdy boots. 👢

5. You can wear boots with just about everything, if you like. But boots and jeans, damn the best thing there is!

6. You can wear boots in the summer. I do. No it’s not crazy. But are awesome in the winter, especially if it has fur inside. You can even get boot slippers. 😏😆

7. Boots are awesome to use for a lot of different kinds of outdoor activities. I mean genuine boots, not fashionable boots that is good only for the look.

8. The right boots are damn comfortable!

9. You look badass with boots.

10. Good quality boots can last for years!

Get some boots people. I love the brand CAT, because they are great quality, they are sturdy and good looking and they are tough as fuck, can take a real beating, get dirty and they still look good. 😁

– CdP


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