Blonde Dream

So last night I pretty much had a weird dream about this blonde girl.

Actually let’s start with, last night I drank an allergy pill before I went to sleep, and like a lot of people, I have the side effect of getting super drowsy when drinking certain allergy meds.

In this dream, I was was with a dude inside a building, eating something at a table, waiting for this chick. In the dream I knew the people, but I don’t recognise them in real life. Anyway so along came this blonde chick, she looks a tad bit scruffy, but still dressed well, she looks good and talks normal. So I introduced her to this guy…

All of a sudden I stood up, went with her outside where she was getting some stuff, we talked and for some reason we talked about sleeping patterns and I said well I am a very light sleeper, as in I am mostly awake and aware of my surroundings. She said, good she likes people who are light sleepers. Then I replied, well I drank an allergy pill so it should put me out. (haha how random, lol the perks of lucid dreaming)

So then as I was observing this chick, turned out she was actually homeless and lived outside that building. The next thing I knew, she grabbed out a hose with a brush and started scrubbing some parts and cleaning herself for her date with this dude.

Hahaha what the fuck?

So I woke up.

– CdP


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