Knife Battle in Dream (1)

So I think it was last night or the night before, not sure anymore haha, but anyway… So the part I remember was part of a bigger dream, but can’t remember before or after…

What I do remember is… I was in a Mall, a familiar Mall which I previously dreamt of a long time ago, in any case, and realised that I was being followed by a black shadowy figure (impression like pic above) and all of a sudden, he caught me alone in like an alleyway in the Mall and so I had a fight with him.

He had a black hoody on, with the cap over his head, and I couldn’t really see who he was. He came at me with a knife, which looked like a kitchen knife… One of those that a person would grab if you think someone is in your house… He tried to stab me multiple times in the stomach, but I managed to block every single time. Then I grabbed the knife on the blunt side with my hand and held around it tightly so that he cannot stab me, and even though my hand basically turned over around it, because he moved it around, it didn’t cut my hand at all and there was no blood or pain at all. Which is weird.

So as he tried to get his knife out of my hand, I grabbed a knife out of my right pocket, I pulled him towards me as I still held onto his knife’s blade, and with my right hand I thrust my knife into his neck and as he dropped down, I saw who he is and realised it was the brother of a girl I used to know.

So all of a sudden I’m on the floor with his head on my lap, waiting for his sister to come so I can explain why he is bleedig out. She never did and there was no one else around.

That’s that. So weird right? I mean why would I dream something like that? And why a person I know, to whom I never talk to ever and am not interested in talking to for the life of me and haven’t talk to in ages.

Lol… Dreams man… Otherworldly shit.

But I like the fact that for a change in a fight I could actually defend myself without feeling like I’m helpless and / or that my legs will give away at me as usually in such situations in a dream my whole body (inside the dream) would feel like jelly and I never have enough enegery to give a punch.

– CdP


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