Drawing Challenge for Progression (2)

So I have been wanting to progress my drawing “skills” (not quite the word for it, maybe more in the likes of “ability” lol) for months now. I started off well, but time became more and more of a problem, so I just stopped.

So I was thinking of doing a drawing challenge to help with my progression. I’m going to try and do it mostly during the weekends, as I have a bit more time then. Because during the week I have too many other things I need to do.

I am then thinking of posting my horrible attempts of drawings and will be numbering them as “Drawing 1, 2 etc” instead of the “Day 1, 2 etc” shown in pics.

Also, I might add an Anime character now and then, just for Fun and because I like it. Also if I feel like it, something random that is not named on pics. Also just for fun and the experience of it. Any drawing is practice and progress.

Secondly when I am done with all drawings via pics, I am then going to attempt doing them over as digital drawings via my tiny Wacom Bamboo and Paint Tool Sai. But not instantly, only after doing a few drawings and getting the hang of it.

So, I hope this will be a fun experience and challenge and let’s see how it goes. Maybe one day I am then able to draw all the strange things that pops up in my thoughts at night and the things I sometimes see.

It would also be ridiculously awesome if I am able to illustrate some of my epic dreams, to bring that into reality. Also some of my characters from my novel (which I also haven’t worked on in months) and some of my short stories.

Yeah, let’s do this. I like to draw, that’s why I want to get better at it.

Oh yes just to add, I don’t have any fancy drawing pencils / pens and paper. I’m using what a have. Just saying.

– CdP


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