Attempt nr 1 (1)

So, these are Attempt 1 of my Progression Drawing Challenge. I know it’s not any good, but anyway… One day it will be…

I started off with two things.

  1. An Inanimate Object; which I have on my desk, but I struggled with the left arm (from front of course) as it should seem more forwards, as if reaching out, but instead it looks like it is just besides the body. So gotta work on that… Anyway…
  2. A Fantasy Sword; used a picture of one as a reference, although mine I deliberately made “thicker”, with the idea of a heavy weapon, instead of light.

(All while watching all episodes of “13 Reasons Why” between yesterday afternoon and now, which I literally just finished.)

Next drawings are also going to be fantasy weapon based, which will be a “ninja star”, a Katana and a Dagger.

After that I was thinking of trying to draw a Lotus.

– CdP


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