Previous Scribbles (5)


So I didn’t have a chance this weekend to continue on my drawings, so here are some (not all, not that there are many) of my previous scribbles from a few months ago.

I say scribbles, because none of them really required a lot of time. It was all very quick “bored” / experimental drawings mostly… and about most of them aren’t actually complete. I’d like to do a lot of them over, actually putting time and effort into it, as none are any good to begin with lol…

Oh yeah, sorry for the bad quality, with the see-through pages looking and all…

Pic nr 1: I tried to draw angry Gasai Yuno expression. I also played with the same drawing on Paint Tool SAI and actually managed to do it a lot better, probably because it was so much easier to erase and redo a line. I don’t have it on my PC right now though, it should be on my external, but I never completed it. I wanted to add colour, but didn’t come as far as to finish the colouring… Still experimenting with Paint Tool SAI as I am not too familiar with it and also getting the hang of a Graphic Drawing Tablet, Wacom Bamboo (a cheap one I know), is kind of hard if you don’t do it often… Anyway…

Pic nr 2: The first and last face is just random, I just kinda like the look of Elven Ears… The second head, was me trying to draw the face of an awesome wallpaper of Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill.

Pic nr 3: Totally random eyes and a totally random cheeky expression, but oddly placed… lol

Pic nr 4: No comment. Dafuq was I going for?

Pic nr 5: A very very bad and very quick and irritated drawing of Revy, Black Lagoon. Trust me, I am pretty sure I can do it over again, looking at least 50% better, with effort… Hahaha


– CdP


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