Attempt nr 2 (3)

– 14/05/17

Okay first, I know I said that my next drawings would be fantasy based weapons, but I was kind of just not in the mood to draw weapons, so I did something that matched my mood. I will still be doing the other three fantasy based weapons I mentioned… and the lotus. There are a lot of things I want to draw, and the things mentioned in the lists, but I’m not going to do it all in order, I’m just gonna choose whatever it is I feel like wanting to draw whenever… Attempt nr 1 I guess is already two things that can be crossed from the first picture’s list which is 1. A Sword and nr 3. Still Life (aka an inanimate object) lol… I’m not gonna draw fruit.

Oh I found out today that my Mother used to sketch, and she was able to sketch a very good self-portrait of herself… that’s kinda cool. I remember as a child she used to have a lot of big sketchbooks and she was always creative with all kinds of stuff and like especially when she painted stuff on our room walls for themes. I had snow white and my brother had motor cycles. Haha why was I not allowed to make my walls a colour as a teen, but she was allowed to paint themed stuff on my wall as a toddler / child? That’s so messed up, hahaha… Now that I think about it, I guess I get my creativity in a certain sense from her. My brother also used to draw very well as a child, he used to draw the Dragon Ball Z characters, I always envied that, but I guess he also got that creativity from my Mother. Funny that I just never realized this… probably because as I grew up I never really saw my Mother sketch physically, but do a lot of other things such as make and create clothes, be an entrepreneur, etc… though creating clothes, comes from sketching too… Anyway enough reminiscing…

I also want to draw an angry impression of Akane Hiyama from Renai Boukun. Was planning to work on it today, but the time didn’t work out that way.

– CdP


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