Be More Supportive!!

Sometimes I fail to see the support where it matters the most.

The point of support is, it doesn’t really matter who you are to someone else, friends, family or lovers, but if you constantly have negative opinions or comments to say to a friend or a loved one – because you don’t like it, then don’t consider yourself a supportive person.

Or if you pressure and nag them to make decisions based on what you want for them, and not just be okay with what they want for themselves, then please tell me, how are you supportive to them in any way?

The things that matter to them… is what is relevant. What you think of it, is not, because what matters to you, is not what matters to them. Because it is not your life and not your decision or place to be making decisions for other people. Since supporting someone else is not about yourself, but about the other person / people.

Unless an opinion is asked, why is it so hard for people to accept? I mean, JUST Accept… Without the negativity, the comments, the “sigh”, the “ugh” and the “why”?

Like there is just too many negative people in life, how are you suppose to stay positive yourself?

How are you suppose to be yourself for starters? Why is being different such an issue to some people?

I’m so tired of hearing people complain and being judgmental, before looking in the mirror or questioning themselves. Who are you to say, assume something bad or give blame to someone else, if you don’t even know them personally?

And who are you to question the decisions of other people, if it is not about you? Who are you to question what makes them happy?

In the case of friends, family or lovers, are you not suppose to be supportive, even though it is not to your liking?

I don’t even think that some people realize how hurtful it can be if someone instantly blows off something else that makes them happy, or instantly judge their decisions or have negative opinions and comments to say about the person who they are… or what they do, no matter how small or big… I mean, how are they suppose to feel comfortable being themselves at all then? It’s a complete rejection. What hurts more than being rejected by the people you care about?

Like I don’t care if you like gray and I like white, we all like what we like. But don’t tell others what to like, or what to do, just support them instead of otherwise… you know? Don’t force your likes and opinions onto someone else, they are their own person. If you expect them to accept you for you, then you should in return accept them for them, no matter the differences. Is it really that hard?

All everyone wants, is being accepted by the people that matters.

Seriously, people need to think where they stand with each other. If you want people to stay in your life, and you really care for them, then should it not be easy to be supportive?

Or just watch them walk away, and ask yourself why…

– CdP


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