Update on Drawing Attempts / Progression (3)

Hi, just a quick update regarding my next Drawing Attempts…

My next attempts I am working on, will be taking a while… As I have little time, and I am trying to pay attention to close detail as well. As I am going for real life. (It prolly won’t turn out any good, but whatever…  anything is practice)

In the meantime I will also be doing other attempts along the line, Anime or Fantasy or whatever else listed on the Picture Lists, that take less time and so, just to keep at it with the different styles and whatever mood I am in. Like I want to draw one of the things on the Picture Lists mentioned in the first post about the drawing challenge thing… and it is mentioned on the first Pic, nr 21: A Wizard. But I want to draw from three examples. A Chibi Version, a normal Anime/Manga version and a Fantasy Version… I am going to try those three along with my other two attempts, and also some other random drawings in between as well… I know it sounds all very confusing, it is because I am going to work on which ever attempt, by what I feel like doing, as I get time. I am just letting ya’ll know that there are a few I am going to work on basically simultaneously. So not sure which I will be posting first, but look forward to it anyway… Haha, sorry for all the confusion.

In any case, here are some more random drawings from a few months ago…

– CdP


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