Attempt nr 3 (1)

Okay, let’s just start with the negatives here…

1. The mouth; I still struggle with drawing lips, that’s obvious enough. But also, the angle of it is off. (The nose too could use some work, I guess). 

2. The folds in the T-Shirt. I have not quite actually practice something like this before previously, so it can use some of that. Also the whole T-Shirt does not quite look like it is being weared, but rather as if it is the body itself. Like there’s no depth and it just doesn’t look natural. 

I think the whole ‘real life’ thing can use a lot of practice, especially clothing, which I have never actually practiced before really. I usually focused more on the actual “Body” / silhouette, but never really the “accessories” that goes with it.

3. The shadowing / shading is not quite right either. But at least you get the point. I’m trying. Could also use some attention. Especially when it needs to be able to represent depth and soft shapes. Such as the neck and collar bone, and face features and such… 

Speaking of attention, I kind of like using examples to draw with detail, because it intentionally makes you more observant regarding the details, which is a good thing to learn and practice when drawing. 

So for the positive…

1. I am happy that it’s far better a first attempt of real life than I thought. Back in high school, I’m sure I wouldn’t have hit it off at all. Especially that I struggled with face features and hair, a lot. Actually the entire head for that matter, used to be an issue for me.

2. Anyway speaking of hair… I am super happy to get the hair right for a change. Because not too long ago, my hair looked like random lines, and it actually prevented me of ever drawing hair, because I’d just feel too embarrassed for myself for even trying and failing miserably. Thus I have incomplete drawings, usually just faces, but no hair. So not a complete head.

It’s as if one day I just clicked, and drawing hair suddenly looked better. (But really, it used to be terrible). I didn’t even practice drawing hair. But I guess staring at examples long enough, does something to your brain lol. Not that any of the above is perfect, far from it, but still. I’m happy enough. 

3. I actually did not require a lot of time doing this. Although this can use a lot more time, because relatively speaking, it should take double the time I used, because it is not prefect… If all the negatives was positives, then it would have taken a few hours extra to actually make it look like the original example. But given the little skill I have, I’m happy with how it turned out. 

– CdP


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