A Dream of Darkness (1)

I can vaguely remember last night’s dream. I can see imagery of it still, so I am going to try explain what I can remember.

It was one of those continues dreams… Those that keep going when you get up to go pee and get back into bed again. You’re half awake and half asleep, kind of dream.

It is a very dark dream, literally. First of all, because the scenes were always night, therefore the “vision” was always dark. Like a filter. But also dark as in vicious bloody murder…

So the first image I remember was being captured in a house, don’t really remember the inside of it, but it was dark all around and I don’t recall the face of the person who captured us there, all I know is it was male and mentally disturbed. The other person with me was a girl my age, which I was in love with, she had short (neck length) black hair and extremely pale skin (Like a contrast of black and white), I also cannot recall her face. She was also quite mentally disturbed, which I found out once she had somehow gathered and hidden tons of dagger like blades under her all black outfit, (Fuck knows how, because those things were huge), and killed the person who locked us up in his house by thrusting all of the dagger like blades into him all at once… Blood spilled all over as he bled out. The blades were not in him anymore though. (I think that girl had super powers or some shit haha)

Anyway after realising what kind of person she was, I got scared of her. We both managed to escape this house, but separately, which I think I intended to do after seeing the bloody murder.

I was then in another apartment, which was a double story and I lived upstairs. I don’t know who actually lived there, as there were people, but I got a strange feeling that something was off with the people there, so I wanted out, but at the same time the girl was across from me in another house, as she searched for me and then killed the people in the other house and I saw how she killed them the exact same way as the other man. I saw through her window, but she kept the daughter as a hostage, why I don’t know, but get the feeling she kept her for her own amusement. The girl was clinging to the window begging for someone to help, but the streets were dark and empty, and only I saw her. She had brown frilly hair and was much taller and bigger than the girl I was in love with… She disappeared from the window though.

In my dream it was then as if time passed as I watched her, and she watched me. And I soon became more suspicious of the people in the apartment where I lived, still I don’t really know why… But I also got scared there… And I then started to miss her, being with her, and started thinking it won’t be so bad going back to her, she will protect me.

I tried to escape the apartment, but it was as if a force keep holding me back, like I can’t get out, but she helped me by planting clues all over the house. I have no idea how, but she did.

I eventually got out and back to her. I was happy. Being back by her side, because I loved her.

That’s that, I can’t remember after that… But this has been replaying in my head the whole day. It is somewhat disturbing but also nice at the same time. None of the people in the dream had any faces though… Which makes it all a bit more creepy.

– CdP


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