Next Attempt/(s) Update

I am busy with the the next attempt, just saying…  the reference I am using though does not have a lot of detail, so things such as eyes does not have much detail really… Anyway, the detailed things can come at a later stage, when I plan to do certain things individually… Such as an Eye or Lips, etc… I really like to pay attention to those detail in general (I suck at drawing lips), and not being able to do it exactly as I see frustrates me a lot, but that is exactly the reason why I need to practice it so that I can eventually do it without being frustrated at the outcome. Different angles as well.

So more things I want to learn / draw individually will be lots of body parts, the whole anatomy of a human. But all separately so that I can be familiar with it, and not struggle so much anymore. Especially with anything that requires depth and shadows.

Anyway, the problem is there is just too many things I want to draw all at once, and then I don’t know which to pick haha… I should just follow the lists and scratch them off whenever I completed a drawing… but then I go through it and think “I don’t feel like drawing that right now” and see another thing and think it would be fun, but then I think of something else again and would rather want to draw that… So confusing…

But in any case, I’ll go with the flow I guess, you’ll be just as surprised at the next attempts as I am, but what the hay… Anything is practice, and only focusing on one thing will only make me good at that thing, but I want to be able to be good at multiple things… and want it to become like second nature to be able to draw anything that I can think of straight out of my head without any references… So much much much practicing for that to happen one day… I am very motivated.

– CdP


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