Attempt nr 4 (6)

– Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

I am very glad with how this turned out. I can honestly say that I have improved with drawing Anime.

The very first time I tried to draw Yuno’s angry face, I struggled a lot. You can see this on my Previous Scribbles (5) post. The first pic.

I also feel like I am starting to get a better “feel” with the pencil when I draw. Like I am able to draw using different pressures on my own. Which is cool, because I usually just instantly used heavy pressure on the pencil and it kind of ruins things haha…

(PS. Still busy with my other attempt, which is kinda hard, I just felt like drawing Yuno Gasai while listening to Nightcore.)

So what ya think? Not perfect, but I’m honestly happy with it.

– CdP


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