More Previous Scribbles (2)

Hi there

So I have been away this weekend, so I have not yet had time to continue on the next Attempt /(s) which I am busy with still.

I only just got back late last night and was tired as hell, so I am going to try during the week if I get time or the weekend, also if I get time, to continue…

Here are another two of my previous drawings… haha also a lot of months ago… yeah I did not continue, because like I mentioned I used to struggle with hair, so whenever I got to that point I actually just stopped because I was scared of ruining it all, but I guess sometimes you need to ruin a few things to get it right. I can already see the improvements though from this, and my most recent Anime based drawing.

The first one was literally just playing around, I didn’t use a reference for it, was just being random, and the second one was reference from a screenshot I took of an Anime, can’t remember the Anime though, but she had purple-ish/gray-ish long hair I think. Haha…

– CdP


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