Kill to Live Another Day (4)

Here’s a quick sum up of the weird dream I had last night.

I was locked up somewhere with some people, in a weird looking place with huge cold ass bathrooms that looks like it belongs in a prison. There are tons of other weird people also locked up, at first it seemed to be a holiday and then all of a sudden it was the complete opposite. There was just no way out. The environment wasn’t harsh, unless you try to get out of there. Me and a guy escaped somehow, ran like hell in some weird town that looked abandoned and ghostly. We ran past a chick with dark hair and pushing a baby stroller and a guy with white hair, who called us “Runners” and said we would never be able to escape and get away with it, most people die… and then we realized but they escaped and just as the chick wanted to tell us how they got away with escaping without being ever caught again, this weird lady that looked like someone out of hunger games, appeared from the streets in some horse carriage thing, but with no horse, with a few men at her side, all with dark masks and wearing torn baggy clothes. We tried running again and one of the men caught the guy that was with me and another was attacking me and then I manage to get him on the ground and stab him over and over again till he bled out. 😶

Yeah… That’s about it. Kill to Live hey?

– CdP


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