So I have not been very active on my blog lately and also have not yet finished any further attempts regarding any drawings. I have started, but not yet done with any. I might finish the one soon, but the other one I kinda lost interest in drawing so I don’t think I will continue with it, and the one after that requires a lot more time as it is on a much more difficult level than I am at, so it takes a lot of time for me. 

I kinda like drawing the Anime / Manga style at the moment, and I think I should continue to do so, but different levels and styles and positions, so I can get used to drawing different aspects and angles etc, but also not make it too much time to do, but still enough to get the practice in. 

See I’m making a lot of things a priority, and I am trying to give attenion to all of it, which makes time limited, but also taking breaks so I don’t over do it with everything and lose complete interests in one or the other. So I am mixing it up, giving attention to a different priority each on different times. If that makes sense? With rest in between.

It’s been a rough month or so, a lot of things been going on, at work, personal things, and so forth. All of which has been weighing on me. A lot of things I had to think about, and sleepless nights worrying about stuff. So it all just contributed wasting my time really, because you feel like you have to just take a break and literally not be productive. Watching Anime of course, it requires zero productivity and it puts me in a better mood. Life = Anime.

Anyway, thus not being active much here, or even online. Even been dimming down on twitter, since after updates, twitter has not been working on my phone, even after they updated two more times afterwards. 

So basically… I’ve been procrastinating… Lol 😁 

– CdP


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