Digital Drawing Practice


So I know I haven’t loaded anything for a while, and I have yet another unfinished drawing, which I just never had more time to complete. So I might as well share the unfinished one soon, or I might complete it if I can. Anyway, I am playing a bit with Digital Art now too, trying to get a hang of my graphic tablet again… lol it is kind of hard though, very different than a pencil and page. So I am doing rough small things to get the feel of it, and also have some cool video tutorials on Digital Painting which I am going to try and follow along as I get time. I will definitely share my rough drawings and such with the examples. (But don’t laugh though), I’m not gonna stop drawing on paper, I just want to be able to be good at both, as I see it as totally two different skills.

Anyway here is one of my previous drawings again of a while back, probably a year or longer ago.

– CdP


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