This is me going on about life that is not all that simple as people make it out to be. Life is hard, tough, full of lies and bullshit and the hardest part of life is having a heart.

I didn’t start this blog because I wanted social media attention and people telling me what to do with my life. This is not Facebook, and that’s what I like about blogs. I wanted a let out when life pushes too hard. I wanted a let out when I have good news and I feel proud to share the moment.  I wanted a let out for all these thoughts that happen to pop into my mind. I also just want to have fun sharing random things that I find amusing, interesting or meaningful.

So here I am, and I will do what I want to do in my little space of freedom. I realized that even still I cannot share everything online, so I jump back and forth between this blog and other ways of letting out things that bother me on a regular basis.

I don’t want to pretend I’m happy when I am not, and I don’t want to pretend I am sad when I am happy.

So what you see, is what you get.

Furthermore, on a positive note, more about myself… I am an open minded person, always been, since the day I opened my eyes. At a very young age I have learned that life always throw curve balls, even if you are not in a position to catch it.

I believe in honesty, because I hate living with lies. It will drag you down to the depths of hell.

I am always straightforward, and sometimes brutally honest. You know why, because telling people things they want to hear, to make them feel good about something that is wrong, is a mistake. Because they will keep on making the same mistake when they think it is right. I would rather be brutal and honest and be hated, than lead someone else into the depths of hell and be liked because of how pretty a lie can sound.

I am also a sarcastic person. If you don’t want a sarcastic answer, then don’t ask a stupid question. I have zero tolerance for complete idiots, as in lazy ass people who would rather make their brain a wasteland, instead of actually using it.

I am short and all versions of cute and scary. (If you watch Anime, and you’ve seen Toradora, you’ll know Taiga… Yeah I’m like her in many ways… 😀 Hehe)

I’m meant to be weird, who wants to be normal? That’s so boring… > Says the introvert. Yes I’m an introvert. I am kinda obsessed with Japan. I am in love with Japanese arts & culture, traditions and their sense of humor. They are weird and they stand out from the rest of the world and I love that. I love everything about Japan. I love their language. You already guessed I love Anime. I love samurai swords. I love the look of the samurai in general. You know what, like I said… I love everything there is to love about Japan. Point.

I am also an Archer, I shoot with a compound bow. Although I also love traditional bows. Archery is very fun, but not as in shooting at the same target over and over and over again, standing on one place the whole time. No, nope, no thank you. I like Bowhunting Archery, 3D Archery, walking a course – with trees and bushes and nature – you know… It’s very fun and enlightened and the more people the better the shoot, the funner the competition haha. I’m not that competitive, but I like to shoot with people that are and that are good, so I can challenge myself. That’s what I like, and good friends to shoot with. 😀

– CdP


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