Incomplete Attempts…

Okay… So I have been thinking, after posting my excuse for why I have been procrastinating… that I probably won’t, anytime soon at least, complete both of the previous drawings I mentioned in the previous post > which I did start, but not complete… > which I said I would maybe complete the one, but … More Incomplete Attempts…

Attempt nr 4 (6)

– Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) I am very glad with how this turned out. I can honestly say that I have improved with drawing Anime. The very first time I tried to draw Yuno’s angry face, I struggled a lot. You can see this on my Previous Scribbles (5) post. The first … More Attempt nr 4 (6)

Attempt nr 3 (1)

Okay, let’s just start with the negatives here… 1. The mouth; I still struggle with drawing lips, that’s obvious enough. But also, the angle of it is off. (The nose too could use some work, I guess).  2. The folds in the T-Shirt. I have not quite actually practice something like this before previously, so … More Attempt nr 3 (1)

Attempt nr 2 (3)

– 14/05/17 Okay first, I know I said that my next drawings would be fantasy based weapons, but I was kind of just not in the mood to draw weapons, so I did something that matched my mood. I will still be doing the other three fantasy based weapons I mentioned… and the lotus. There … More Attempt nr 2 (3)

Attempt nr 1 (1)

So, these are Attempt 1 of my Progression Drawing Challenge. I know it’s not any good, but anyway… One day it will be… I started off with two things. An Inanimate Object; which I have on my desk, but I struggled with the left arm (from front of course) as it should seem more forwards, as … More Attempt nr 1 (1)