Action Baby

So last night was a pretty random dream… So I’m seeing babies everywhere on Facebook lately, and now I dream of them? Anyway, so I dreamt I had this huge half western styled half Japanese styled home, it is very spacious and big, the rooms are huge, but there aren’t much furniture in it. The … More Action Baby

Surreal Dreams

When you have a uh… “I don’t even know what type to call it without actually giving it away” kind of dream, and then a person comes into the shop who resembles that person. Hahaha heart dropping moments and I mean the nervous oh shit please don’t have a wild mind reading ability. Oh man … More Surreal Dreams

Magnetic Woman

I am going to try explain last night’s dream. Firstly it felt very familiar and I’m pretty sure I dreamt it before. So it started out being in a complete random field. Well it was partly fielded and partly surrounded with forest. If you knew your way around it, you know where to go through. … More Magnetic Woman

Got Cats?

So last night I had a dream that my house was full of kittens. A lot of them. All different looking ones, different hair and colours and patterns, etc etc… And I was so panicked because I couldn’t keep an eye out for all of them at once, so I end up running around the … More Got Cats?

Blonde Dream

So last night I pretty much had a weird dream about this blonde girl. Actually let’s start with, last night I drank an allergy pill before I went to sleep, and like a lot of people, I have the side effect of getting super drowsy when drinking certain allergy meds. In this dream, I was … More Blonde Dream